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Horrible Experience. No Delivery and Blackmailed. Can a Banned Account See a Disputed Transaction?

Hello Everyone:

A seller that I used to help tutor me told me to contact him outside of Fiverr. From there, he took all of my information and refused to deliver the order. He then blackmailed me telling me he was going to use my information to report me of plagiarism if I disputed the order when all I did was hire him for tutoring which he never delivered either.

I see his account is now banned. Will he be notified if I dispute? Even if the allegations are not true, I cannot have this can of worms be opened for no reason…

Thank you for your advice.


I’m really sorry about your experience. Typically, Fiverr works in favor of buyers. As long as he does not have any real evidence of you plagiarizing, Customer Service should give you a refund if you’ve already payed.
Also, if he is already banned and you never payed anything, I personally would move on; he’s been given the worst punishment he can get.

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I already paid a lot of money and he never delivered anything, but my question is can he see the dispute or will he not see it as he is banned? I do not want to open up a can of worms with him since he has all of my information

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I don’t think he can access his account, but I would still talk to customer service and raise your concerns before raising a dispute.

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I am confused about your problem - you used a Fiverr seller for “tutoring”…in English / the US that means someone going over math, science, etc. and explaining difficult concepts to you. Then you say that the seller is going to report you for plagiarism, which again, in English / the US that implies a written piece of work that has been stolen and passed off as someone else’s.

Did you hire someone to write a school essay for you, and now he’s threatening to go to your school/college and tell them you hired him to write for you? If so, you should understand that both of you did something wrong here - you are not allowed to buy or sell academic work on this site, whether you call it “tutoring” or something else. The spirit of the rules are that if you’re hiring someone to do your schoolwork for you, you both either get a warning or removed from the site.

Secondly, the TOS prevents contact off-site. They want all discussion and contacts to go through Fiverr, otherwise they have no way of monitoring deliveries and protecting buyers and sellers. And they’re rather protective of their 20%, naturally.

Finally, you say he “never delivered” - he never gave you any document at all? Never provided you with any work? If so, this is a non-issue and I’m not sure what he thinks he’s blackmailing about, or what you’re worried about. It’s like threatening to have someone arrested for shoplifting from a store they’ve never been to.


Your first mistake.

But since you say the Buyers account is now banned, I’d move on and learn from this experience.


I am the buyer- not the seller. The seller is banned

No, I hired him for actual tutoring and he delivered nothing. Just tricked me into outside contact so he could use my information to blackmail me.

What kind of information could you have given that could be used to blackmail you?

He somehow searched me using my name and now has my ID # and email address.

Fair enough.

So the Seller’s account is banned.

He now no longer exists.

I still sense you’ve left out some details to try to rally us behind your cause.

I suggest you take it up with Fiverr CS as they will have access to the full story.

Good luck.

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