Horrible experience with a seller


We bought a huge number of orders here on fiverr but something like this never happened to us before.

Below I attached my conversation with the seller.

Here’s what we ordered and agreed upon:
Question: “Do you think you can convert our website https://xxxxxxx.co.uk into android & iOS mobile apps? We would need a horizontal menu, push notifications, splash screen, icon, tap to e-mail and a first page that would look nice and will be accepted by iOS development. The splashscreen should look like in the photo attached (on blue instead of green) and with our logo instead of xxxxxxxxxx.”

Answer: “yes, I can do amazing apps based on your website.”

Question: “Do you think you can do the app under our requirements if we order the 100$ Gig? Also, we would be needing this app in 48 hours maximum. Can you provide some already done apps?”

Answer: “dear in your case you want a webview app based entirely on your website with a bottom native menu integration based on your website as well plus push notifications. here is a quick running sample of the app
the menu color can be changed. the icons as well. more menu items could be added too”

Custom order that has been sent to me includes the followings:
Source Code
App Icon
Splash Screen
Create Also IPad App And IPad Pro App
Including Publishing To Apple Store
Integrate Push Notifications And Build You A Control Panel For Lifetime

A few hours before deadline the seller sent us 2 files+screenshots.

Even if the order stated clearly that the seller will help with publishing the app on AppStore and GooglePlay or even doing this on its own, seller said that it’s too late right now for that and he will do it in 24 hours which of course will exceed GIG’s deadline.

More, the android app developed by the seller had a TOP horizontal menu instead of a bottom one as we requested, making the design very inappropriate to our website.

When we explained that the menu should be placed on the bottom seller reacted in a rude way saying that we can do whatever we want (contact fiverr support) but he will not modify anything.

Long story short:
Seller failed to deliver what we ordered and what we agreed upon.
We haven’t received an icon for the app;
We have not received a splashscreen for our apps;
We have not received push notifications and control panel;
Also, after we provided login credentials to our apple dev account, the seller violated our privacy by searching sensitive informations related to our company/account and then using those to intimidate us.

Quoting from the sellers conversation:
“this is a html iframe bullshit app. not a native app dear friend from xxxxxxxxxx”
“sure you’re a big company http://xxxxxxxxxxxxx and youcan s… with people like me here.”
“my friend the menu can’t be modified. if you’re ok to live with it then let’s move on otherwise please feel free to call contact fiverr and I will fight you back until whatever happens. I am really sick and tired of your non sense requests.”
“but yet you’re trying the smart ass here as you believe that you’re on top of everything”

Seller violated Fiverr ToS by doing the followings:

  1. Seller marked the order as “complete” but did not provide the final service.
  2. The seller requests additional payments, on or off the Fiverr platform, by withholding the final delivery of services directly related to the agreed requirements.

QUOTING: "I will charge you another 100 usd for adding the icons as those where not send to me and for the custom menu modification (those were included in the gig requirements) it will be another 1000 usd to complete it as you wish. for any other wishes that you might have great xxxxxx guru I will charge accordingly"
3. Seller used abusive language and made it impossible to continue working together for finishing this project.

Android app needs to have the menu on the bottom.
Apps need to be published in Appstore and GooglePlay.
Splashscreens are white on both iOS and Android App.
No icon has been delivered for this app.
No ipad version has been delivered.
Push notitications system plus admin panel has not been delivered.
Menu icons are different and very bad looking from what we agreed upon in iOS.

Order has been marked as complete again even if all these tasks upon which we agreed on are missing. It is the 3rd time the seller marks order as complete when in fact the project is not finished.

Two weeks passed. We contacted support many times without success. I’ve explained everything a couple of times. Tried to talk to the seller again to deliver what he promised but he just doesn’t want to do it or cancel the order.

here’s fiverr support last reply:

Hi xxxxxx,

I totally understand your point but since the order is still active you can still cancel it from your end, we will not be able to interfere since the seller is responsive and ready to finish this project. In this case you will have to contact your seller and provide them with a detailed list of the revisions that you are requesting. Also please explain to them which part of app is not working and provide your seller with a proof that the job was not completed. If the seller is refusing to continue to work on your app and fails to provide a detailed list showing that the order was completed in accordance with Gig description you can follow up with us and we will review your case again.

Thank you for your understanding.

How can I cancel the order? Why they are not taking any actions and protect buyers here? I never had problems before and always felt that if something wrong is going to happen they will do something about it. Seems like I was wrong. I paid 157$ for nothing unfortunately…


I would have been super cautious just by this Sellers response. This response is not only over the top, but is more focused on themselves and not discussing the needs for your project, which is why you’re inquiring about.

I am sorry about your experience with the Seller, it sounds awful and doesn’t reflect the service of great Sellers on here. With that said, if the Seller is being responsive as they say and it making an attempt to continue working on the order CS will not get involved.

If you want to cancel, then cancel. Otherwise, I’d work with the Seller to get the order completed to your original specs and then rate the Seller accordingly to your experienced.


The problem unfortunately is that the seller is actualy not responsive. He is doing a simple copy-paste of the same message saying that the order is complete when if fact is not.

I’ve attached a few print screens over the order requirements and also from the sellers message so you can see better what I’m dealing with.

How can I cancel the order when the seller doesn’t want that?

GIG requirements:

A part of the Sellers copy-paste reply since last week:

Why fiverr support doesn’t do anything about this???


It is pretty unusual for Support to back a seller if they used the kind of wording you write in some of your post. Still, to keep things simple it might be best to use the resolution center to try and request a cancellation if the order is not actually in the dispute status right now.

If the seller declines your cancellation again, then you might want to contact CS again. If you didn’t send them screen shots that specifically show the kind of verbal abuse and strong language that you attributed to the seller. If you did send those screen shots the first time with very clear marks to show the abuse, you can update the ticket and ask if the support agent would be willing to escalate the ticket because you feel the seller has violated ToS by being abuse when you suggestion revisions and a cancellation.

One important thing to remember is that if a seller takes the “low road” it is important for the buyer to take the high one and stay polite and professional in wording with both the seller and CS. It can be difficult, but it makes a big difference in letting CS see the disparity. The same would be true if it was a buyer being abusive to a seller who was not. Normally, though, if you stay polite and professional and clearly show what a seller has done wrong, CS will be glad to assist you. Good luck.


Thanks for providing what messages you shared––in this instance I would provide screenshots of your initial exchange (circle them in red if you need to) that clearly goes over what you and the Seller discussed about the bottom native menu.

I am not at all familiar with the app development field and you likely aren’t either, so it’s on the Seller to clearly cover all the Gig specs beforehand. The fact that they’re explaining what the term “native apps” means after the initial delivery is disappointing. It’s definitely a big miscommunication issue going on.

I see the Seller is talking at you and not to you. I imagine it’s a lot of you said this and I said that. It sounds like mostly bickering, when both of you should be discussing together how to complete the order so your both satisfied and/or cancel the order and wipe your hands clean of the partnership.

Just be sure to stay polite and professional––if they start name calling, that’s on them. Be sure to screenshot any messages they send you to CS that where they call you names, etc. Fiverr doesn’t tolerate bad behavior, especially when it’s come from Sellers.

CS won’t get involved if there an exchange of messages, but I would ask them to review the messages and see what type of suggestions they’d have to how to talk to the Buyer to get what you originally discussed. Since they’re able to see everything, they could provide some assistance in this area.