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Horrible Experience

Hi Friends,

I was so upset with a buyer and this got me extremely angry.

I designed and rebranded a LinkedIn profile for a Buyer(A summary plus his 3 experiences as agreed). Just after delivering the order, he then logged in into his account and added 5 more experiences which I did for free. After this, he logged in again and added 3 more and I rejected it.

Then he threatened to leave a negative feedback if I don’t work on the other 3 experiences. I turned him down and now he is asking for refund.

This is basically unfair and Fiverr does not have a platform for protecting the sellers from this kind of occurrence.

What do I do in this situation if i find myself again?


Threatening you and blackmailing you with threats of negative feedback is against the rules and should be reported immediately to customer service. The order should be canceled.

Can you [request-removed.] I think there should be a blacklist for buyers on fiverr to protect sellers here. I also think there should be an option to view each buyer’s feedback score to avoid issues like this.

Moderator Note: Request removed due to Terms of Service violation.

i agree with you… we have also same experience like these types of buyers. Fiver should have option for sellers Complaint section. Some buyers want everything in Just $5. Anyways… Good Luck… !! :slight_smile:

this happens every now and then. Some people cheat and steal. If it is only once in awhile then you let it go. If this happens to you all the time, then you might want to look at your workflow and see how you can make most of it stop.

The only recourse you have is to report the buyer to customer service. I’m pretty sure they aren’t allowed to extort free work from you by threatening to leave a negative review.

You’re going to deal with crazy buyers on occasion, so these are your choices.

  1. Demand a refund as soon as they ask for a modification.
  2. Send them a custom quote asking for $5 or more for the revision
  3. Do one free revision, and if they complain again, see 1 and 2.

Fiverr is a buyer’s market for the most part, the buyers rule here. Fiverr could change that, but then the buyers would go elsewhere.

At this point I would do the last revision, might be the last but I think you’ll avoid a bad feedback, there is nothing to do with this kind of buyers you have to avoid them for the beginning.
Customer Support won’t help.

I had a similar experience. One feels so helpless in this situation

Reply to @sanmeet: Thanks!!!

Reply to @giahung_l: no, it is against the Terms of publically name anyone buyers or sellers.

Reply to @giahung_l: Would you like to have a seller blacklist on Fiverr to protect buyers? It would have to go both ways. Regardless, as mentioned by others below, you may not list the names of buyers or sellers at this time. That could easily lead to manipulation. Many people are both sellers and buyers, so if there were blacklists, people could buy another person’s gig, leave a bad review, and then add the name to a forum blacklist just to cause problems for their competitors. That is one reason it is not allowed for buyers or sellers.

Reply to @solow13: If you have strong enough proof that a buyer has threatened you or insisted that they will leave a negative review if you don’t do extra work, Customer Support is worth trying.

Reply to @giahung_l: Just showing the seller’s reviews on buyer profile will be enough rather than blacklist.
Other sites do have i think.

Reply to @chellevanhoy: Their response time is damn. If one needed help urgent, we can’t rely on customer service.

Reply to @fonthaunt:

If you have a seller who isn’t providing what he’s selling then I see no problem with that. So essentially you just let buyer’s take advantage of you? Wow what a good way of operating a business. Spend hours doing something for someone and then have them try to extort you or get free work off of you. Can people not view the person’s gig who tried to blacklist another seller? If I saw another user blacklist someone on this forum and then I checked out this seller’s gig and noticed they sold the exact same good, couldn’t people arrive at the conclusion that he’s just trying to screw his competition over?

Also people already do this here on Fiverr. I’ve already seen a handful of buyers deliberately leave negative feedback for their competitors.

I think fiverr needs to come up with better ways to protect its sellers.

Reply to @haris_hassan:

When I click on a buyer’s profile I don’t see any reviews at all. Only sellers seem to have reviews on their profiles. How exactly is this suppose to protect the seller if you can’t check out reviews from the buyer?

Reply to @sincere18:

What about showing reviews on the buyers? I don’t see this listed on the buyers.