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Horrible graphics


Not satisfied… I’ve tried 4 sellers and man they are horrible. Needing a new logo for myself and haven’t been able to find the right person… All 4 sellers promised what I wanted… When they delivered it all looks like Microsoft paint. I even tried a seller that had fonts already and still couldn’t get it right… Deleting account and not recommending this site to anyone


Don’t slander MS Paint!

You probably just went for cheap and nasty sellers, but bye anyway.


I am sorry to hear you did not have a good experience. It can be frustrating at times.

Logo is one of the hardest to find the right seller on Fiverr, simply too many unqualified sellers.

I’ve been buying here for a while so I can easily recommend you a great professional in practically everything but logo. :neutral_face:

If you do leave, I wish you the best in finding a great designer.

If you stick around, you may find sellers in other fields who does a great job.


Every seller i went to was higher and higher in price… Now I’m sceptical on going any higher then 100$…


Please try to direct me to a decent logo maker…


Unfortunately, logo is one of three things I do not have a recommendation. Sorry.




I offer a certain type of logo gig, maybe I can help you out??
I usually add Japanese characters to my work but I can still design something,
minus the Japanese word. I believe my work is pretty decent. :slight_smile:


Check out the feedback of the logo designers you are considering. You can see their previous work so there is a strong indication of what they can produce and the style that they deliver in. I’m sure there are quality logo designers on fiverr that will give you something superb for a small price.


Hi djyeppa, sorry about your experiences. But that doesn’t mean you should be quick to delete your account. There are so many talented graphic designers on here. You can send us an inbox message lets discuss.