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Horrible, Horrible Situation [Resolved!]


I hate to start this thread but around 24 hours ago I paid for an order and something crashed with fiverr and even though the money is with fiverr, it’s like the order never happened. I have sent them the paypal payment receipt, created an issue on paypal, waited and waited and still no sight of any sign from support. Could you please assist me? The money is with you, why should my task not be with me? The last thing I wanted to do is to be impatient but after using all channels possible and not receiving even a tiny acknowledgement, I have to have my voice heard. Thank you.

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We cannot help you with site functionality or account issues. That is something ONLY Fiverr Customer Support can handle. We are sellers, just like you, and have no access to troubleshooting options. You are going to have to wait for CS to respond. They are the only people who can resolve this.


I fear we here can’t help you with this, like Jon said, this is “just” a forum, you’ll only get replies from other Fiverr users here, sellers and buyers; customer support are the only people who can help you with technical issues like that and they aren’t here on the forum, they deal with issues via the ticket system.

If you’ve sent support a ticket, they’ll usually respond within 24-48 hours max. You probably just need a little more patience. Did you check the automatic first reply you receive after creating your ticket? The current first response time should be mentioned in there.

If with not having received even a tiny acknowledgement you mean you didn’t get that automatic reply right after creating your ticket (don’t forget to check your spam folder too), something like:

"Thanks for getting in touch. We’re looking into your request ([#292whatever]

Generally all inquiries are answered in the order they are created. Occasionally, due to some requests requiring more research than others and also due to excessive demand, a reply may take longer than one business day. Please accept our apologies in advance for any reply that exceeds this time frame, but be assured we are working hard to get back to you as quickly as possible to provide a considerate response.

Thanks for your patience,
The Fiverr Team"

If you didn’t get that auto-reply, maybe you had not just a crash when creating your order but also your ticket didn’t get through.

You can also check if your ticket got created and for any replies to your ticket from your dashboard on the main site while logged in by using this link: and clicking on “My Activities”.


Thanks a lot for trying to help. They have just solved it :slight_smile:

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