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HORRIBLE new gig layout

I hate the new layout. Not only does it have a few glitches, it has tons of wasted space on the right side. What the heck Fiverr?? This makes no sense from a design standpoint, but also tons of wasted space. They took out the orders in queue feature too! This helped buyers see that the gig was popular and encourages them to buy.

Anyone else agree? Please fix this Fiverr! Thanks!

Yep, complained about it last time. It’s too small, ugly and the gig queue needs to show…And the ratings no longer show per each customer. Totally donks.

I’ve never complained about Fiverr…but on this, I have to.

I agree, horrible layout with a massive amount of wasted space on the right side. The layout before was nearly perfect.


Because a LOT of the information was above the fold, so users didn’t have to scroll all the way down to read everything. Now they do.

I hope the Fiverr team reconsiders this, this isn’t good for anyone. :frowning:

Have you guys cleared your cache? I used to have the same problem. But when I clear my cache it’s still the old layout.

When you are logged in and look at your own profile gig, you don’t see your GIG EXRTRs listed on the Right side. If you look at other accounts you do see the GIG EXTRAs on the Right side but not on your own account.

I liked it when I could see my GIG EXTRA’s when i visited my profile. I have the worse memory in the world and many of my buyers will ask me a question about my GIG EXTRAs and it was nice when I could visit my profile before answering their question. Also, I may copy and paste the GIG EXTRa in a message to the buyer telling them this is what they needed to order.

Reply to @steveeyes: That’s one of my biggest complaints about this layout, too. I’m like you, I can’t always remember what my gig extras say and it would be nice not to have to navigate into the Edit mode to be able to see what all my extras are.

Also, I don’t like that individual ratings are no longer attached to the buyers that left them.

Reply to @steveeyes: hmm interesting, thanks for the info. But, yes I should still be able to see my own gig extras, I can’t remember what they are sometimes either when a buyer has a question for me.

I am not a fan of this new gig layout either. It makes things more complicated.