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Horrible Review


Hey! First off thanks for reading.

Ok so, I worked super hard on an order. They asked for revisions and I happily fixed. Everything was well and they loved my work. When the order ended they tried to cancel and say they did not want it anymore and get the work for free… I declined and the order ended. They gave me a ONE STAR REVIEW! You heard me right!!! They loved it! They just bought the gig to give me a horrible review! I am a level two with 5 star overall and that brought me down to 4.9!!! I contacted customer support. I need it fixed ASAP! I personally do not have a Twitter account and others were telling me to tweet them. I really need some advice as to what to do. They threatened me before for free revisions for a bad review in the order as well so I contacted customer support about that too and they helped me there. It takes them a while to respond so I was seeking help from you guys. Thanks!



Unfortunately, we can not help you. Fiverr support will be the ones who can help.

Take screenshots and provide them to support with a detailed explanation.

Best of luck.


Ok thank you for the help. Will let you guys know what happens…


I feel bad to hear that.


It feels horrible to get a notifacation from a buyer that loved your work just to see they gave you a one star review… Had a feeling their whole intention was to reduce my score with their review. :frowning:


it seems to be a trend, and sadly this isn’t just limited to Fiverr but to all businesses - the rise of which has meant lawyers and exceedingly long legal documents are not just for large companies anymore but for instances such as this.


It is really bad to hear that there are still no way out to get rid of these type of buyers in fiverr terms and conditions.

Your this one star review , odd man out , will remain there forever now . I don’t think so CS will remove this :expressionless:

Inform us if you succeed in removing this review ,

Best of luck !!


Wish there was some way to figure out if they liked it or not and have their review limited to 4 stars or above if they did. In the end most do after revisons anyways.


There was an option to have them remove it when I send in the notice. Support won’t remove them?


What was that option ? In case that CS will remove it ?


In this case figuring out they liked it or not is really a secondary consideration. What i would suggest you be more concerned in:

  1. They accepted the work as completed
  2. They attempted to cancel deliberately to avoid payment


There was a catagory for feedback removal. If they made a catagory I am guessing a lot of people have asked or had it done. Not sure.


@solutionshub_au Good point. Going to add that in my second report with evidence and screenshots ext.


Let us know if you succeed in it and how !

best of luck !!


I certainly will! Thank you for your help everyone! :smiley:


So far no luck… Bob the customer service representative just told me to resolve it in the order and ask the buyer to resolve ( they won’t )

On a better note I got another order and delivered it fast and got 5 stars and a tip XD


I am frustrated as you have said that Bob has suggested you to resolve your problems discussing with the Buyer! Where the buyer himself is a threatener and hold a bad thinking to review you, so in this case, how can they suggest to resolve that with the buyer?

I think, some buyers(certainly not all) are getting very rude and are trying to spoil some sellers reputation as well. They loved your work and so how they provide you only one star rating!!! Is there anything to do by us? I think Fiverr should add a feature so that the buyers capriciousness will be reduced and this platform will be more friendly.

Minthal Ahmed Masum


I told you CS will not remove this review . Anyhow don’t worry one negative review will not effect your business at all .

Stay happy and have more and more orders! :grinning:


@minahmmas Exactly! She just messaged me back and told me she will give me a better rating if I refund her 15 dollars out of the 25 she payed… no way. The order is over and I contacted CS again and they have not responded yet! This is crazy! They need to fix that!


Thank you for your help! I agree. :smiley: