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Horrible service!


I would never recommend fiverr to anyone! I took the time to provide all the information to two different designers. One refused to make any changes, saying he did not have time…his original design looked like a he didn’t know what he was doing anyway. And the other said he was working on it…and then ditched the entire project. At least I got my money back, but what a waste of time and effort on my part.


There are still great gigs to be had on Fiverr for sure. Plus you probably only spent 5 bucks. I’m sure if you check a sellers reviews and samples you can see exactly what you are going to get.


It really isn’t Fiverr, its the sellers. I recently ordered some gigs for logo design and found out a LOT of them, even the top rated ones, have very poor communication and when its something more complicated like a custom logo thats a huge issue. There are certainly others on Fiverr who are fantastic sellers though :slight_smile: It’s all about reading through reviews, try to find the lengthy ones for a better idea of the seller’s service.


Don’t blame fiverr because a few sellers have been incompetent. There are bad gigs and there are extremely good gigs. So try again! Third time could be the charm.

If you sort the results by rating, choose a gig that has very good ratings and contact the seller before ordering to confirm if he can do the job or not, I don’t see any reason why you would not be happy. :wink:


And since you came here to complain, why not come here to see if there are sellers available to do your work? The majority of sellers that are active here on the forums are good communicators and good sellers. You could try their work.

There are always a couple of bad apples in every bunch. Doesn’t really matter where you go. And when you visit a site where the base price is $5, you usually have to do more sorting through the muck than with most other places. But the gems are there. You just have to look.


here is a great designer



Hey, i fill like a lot of buyer want a 100 dollar job for 5 bucks… I have a 5 star rating on fiverr with my 3D intros… But a lot of times buyers don’t read the info of the gig… and then i will have to put in hours of work for 5 bucks… or get a bad review for they’re inability to read the info given…


He thinks Theres Only Two Designers On Fiverr…Lol

Fiverr is the best


Well that’s because i have seen many people around me who just want to make money by any means. You just have to find the one who takes the client works seriously and put all of his effort in it to give you the best result.

I myself is not a professional but i can guarantee you that i will work till my client is satisfied.

Because for good designer customer satisfaction is the ultimate key to victory :smiley:


See, look at it this way, you only have to spend time finding the right sellers in a particular category the first time around. So do it properly - read reviews, or if there aren’t any reviews, read the gig description and assess how genuine it sounds, look at the samples, or the gig video. Once you have the right person for a task, you can keep coming back to them and buy their service over and over.

I know how hard it can be sometimes to find good sellers here now that fiverr is brimming with people who are just here to make a quick buck, but there really are lots of professionals who’re providing great value for money!


Surely the story has 2 sides as always