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Horrible support- Buyer took away $200- No replies from fiverr

I designed a sit for $200.

Buyer was happy.

Accepted all orders, cleared them.

After a few weeks, buyer came back, asking to add features which needed me to purchase paid add ons.

This was never a part of original deal.

He threatened me, and finally made a paypal chargeback.

He also blocked communication with me, while fiverr deleted all orders (5 of them $40) after that.

I am not able to use my previous conversation with buyer for proof. (Since he blocked communication.)

I contacted fiverr support.

After a lapse of over a week, They replied one time, (Julia is the name of representative)

With my followup questions, she is not replying at all.

I want to get the money back since I worked 40-50 hours on making that site.

Please help!!!

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what name of your buyer ?

Fiverr is on buyer side. Buyer brings income to Fiverr

Reply to @lasanela: he cannot tell you, 'cause call out other members is not allowed in forum :frowning:

Unfortunately Fiverr doesn’t fight Paypal chargebacks; the only action they take is banning the buyer, period.

From Fiverr point of vie, if buyer files a chargeback, Fiverr doesn’t have any money to grant the seller; from my point of view (and many other users too) this is absolutely unfair and wrong… but we cannot do anything else than complain.

Customer Support staff can’t help you, 'cause this is a Fiverr rule.

But how can i do that now?

Fiverr has blocked my previous conversation with that buyer.

They are not opening it even after requesting them.

For making a claim on paypal, a lot of communication records are needed.

Fiverr has also completely deleted the old completed orders.

This is really unfair.

Yes, I’ve had a similar situation happen with a buyer. They were 100% happy with the order and gave me an awesome review so I was taken aback when I got the email that their money was returned. I couldn’t get a hold of them either because Fiverr banned their account. Mark is right, there’s nothing Fiverr support can do to help you with that. This is a pretty big gripe on the forums here about it because it doesn’t seem fair to sellers.

You would still have the old message thread sent to your email though. You might consider going back and checking your email to get the order number and messages back and fourth with that buyer, but I’m not sure how much that will help.

Best of luck!

Thanks all for the support.

It is suprising how Julia, the customer service representative for my fiverr account, is not replying at all to my msgs.