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Horrible threats from Customer (Solved)

This really getting out of hand now.

I was given a custom order on the 5th of October to make a video similar to what he sent. So yes, it was a big project.

Before I get to the problem, let me give you an idea of what the buyer had requested.

~ 60 seconds video
~ A few photos of meals which he wanted on the video

Today it’s the 13th of October and this buyer is literally using me for more and more work. Once the order was placed, he sent me the script with the images. There was around 10 images. (He did not mention anything about removing backgrounds from the images). So in my gig, I specifically offer a separate option to remove 15 photos for $5. I asked him very kindly, whether he wanted the backgrounds removed as well. He answered yes. Afterwards, I asked him whether he would care to spend an extra $5 to remove the backgrounds of up to 15 photos. The guy literally went nuts and gave me threat. He told me “I can either give you the extra tip you want or I can leave a killer review once the order is complete.” At this point, I had already made the structure of the video and simply had to add the images. I was only told to add his images and I did it.

It was saddening to hear something like what he said because;

  1. He’s trying to consider my service as me trying to get a tip

  2. He threatens to either pay for the extra service, or leave a “killer” feedback"

At the end, he kept saying not to take him as a fool. So I let go off the subject and continued removing the backgrounds of the images and making the video. The due date of the video has been 4 days. It was supposed to end on the 9th. I delivered it right on the due date.

Now comes a bigger problem. He starts telling me he likes the video. But he wants “extra content added to the video”. I didn’t even care to argue so I let go off it and added the extra content which he wanted and delivered it right after a day (10th of October).

After like a day (11th), he replies “He likes it”. And he wanted a few more adjustments done to it. So I accepted the revision which he had sent the requirements through a MS Word Document. When I opened it. I’m asked to replace 3 existing photos (which has to be background removed again and which I didn’t care arguing about again) and increase the length of the video by another extra 5 slides! Which is around 30 seconds. I didn’t tell anything. I added the extra content and sent it to him yesterday. He tells me today morning around 12 hours ago that he likes it now.

It doesn’t end there yet. He sent another request to add 2 more slides and a word replacement and that he will give me a “tip” once I deliver the finished work.… Really, why do we sellers have to deal with two faced customers coming and requesting work to get done and even when they’re satisfied. He keeps referring to extra service as tips. These are supposed value added services. Again, I didn’t bother arguing and I did the work. The video duration is now at around 100 seconds in length and he hasn’t accepted any extra offers such as (Background removals, extension of the video.)

Once I got the video completed, I saw a small problem before rendering it. The background which I used before turned out to be smaller than it needs to be so a black outline kept appearing every time the background kept moving. So I kindly requested him to send a background image which he likes FROM THE LINKS WHICH I SENT. He told me he wants the same background (which I can’t use since the previous one was 1920x1080 and the video is close to 4K resolution. Scaling the background would make it blur out) . So all I did was ask him to send me a link or an image, He declined and told me to select one which I prefer as a designer. I obviously chose the best fitting one and now he tells me that he doesn’t “like” it.

I have no Idea what to do with him. This project was my second biggest one and I did it perfectly other than him requesting for more and me offering for free. The reason I’m annoyed is that because of his project, it takes me around 6 hours to render his project. And these extra revisions are for him to add extra content. At the time of rendering, I can’t do much since it’s using all the available system resources. I have 3 orders in queue and I have to deal with his attitude and threats for the past few days.

What do you guys think I should do. I will obviously change the background now and send it to him. But what do you think of this? Is it fair? Is it not? Give me your answers as a community.


Well, I’m very sad to see that you have to deal with such a buyer, but you put yourself in that position. :wink: You shouldn’t allow it to go that far. :wink: I would deliver the order and at the same time, report it to CS for his threats.


Thanks for that. It’s like a learning curve so I’ll be sure to do so if I experience something like this again. I was afraid if CS would cancel the order which I worked on for 8 days.

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You give him the chance to abuse you. Whenever he told you to give you a “Killer Review”, you should report to Customer support immediately with a screenshot of that message and with the name and link of that buyer profile. Fiverr customer support handle this kind of situation very gently and nicely. Of course the decision of the support could go to your side as you have done everything fair.


I’ll be sure to do it now because I have almost 4 orders on queue and he keeps asking for more work done for the order which was only half the amount.


Yeah. Do it. Hope the final decision will go to your favor


Do you have “Unlimited Revisions” on your gig like I do? Oh dear! Just try and ‘manage’ the situation till you’re done with the Buyer. I have no intention to change the revisions limit on mine as I rather priced the gigs such as to accommodate whatever endless revisions that may come up.
On this platform, you need tons of patience and understanding to handle these kind of “Buyers”. Keep your cool but never get intimidated by their threats. I have a way of reversing their threats back to them when I need to. However, since you have committed so much already, simply go ahead with the Order. Patiently effect the requested changes and deliver. You’d soon be done with it and move on.


No mate. I have offered only 2 revisions. However I do offer Unlimited small revisions which I had mentioned it to him. Such as changes of texts. And 2 major revisions. This is not related to revisions. He’s completely using me further to add extra content.

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Yeah :confused: Thank you! I hope CS responds very well.

Why not just say no?
If they are asking you to do things which are not covered in the scope of the gig then you can just say no; alternatively, you can send them a custom extra with an additional cost. If you allow people to tell you what to do over and over then they will do so. If you don’t value your own time enough to ask for additional funds then why would a buyer value your time?


I requested him to pay just 15 dollars extra. $10 for the 40 second extension and $5 for the 15 background removals. He refused to do so. I accept it’s my fault not rejecting. However, I learnt something new and did accordingly.

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Freelancing is definitely a whole new world. I also had to deal recently with something, well not as dramatic, but definitely difficult and by God did I learn my lesson. It’s tough, but the important thing is that you take the hit, continue to grow and learn to say no!

You should have told him in advance you wanted to be paid an extra $5.

On the order page you have the option to offer an extra so you should have sent that
and said:

“I have an extra on my gig to remove 15 backgrounds for $5. I am sending you an offer for this to accept if you want it.”

When he said:

I would immediately send an offer to cancel and hope he accepted it with the explanation of:

“I’m so sorry but I cannot do work under the condition of this type of either get paid for what you want me to do OR get a good review as it is blackmail.”

If he did not accept the offer to cancel I would have customer support do it.
I do not continue working with someone who treats me this way.

We are our own bosses and it is up to you if you want to continue on with someone like this or end the service.


I sent an extra gig offer. He didn’t respond to it at all. I honestly would’ve rejected the order. But by the time it came to that point, I had worked on it for 3 days. I still haven’t used much of my custom offers because of the amount of work he keeps adding. It’s not even revisions. I know its my fault and I should’ve acted accordingly.


I might be wrong, but I read ‘killer feedback’ as a good thing in that sentence rather than a threat.


Yeah, that type of buyer is a pain to deal with. They think offering $5 as a tip means you should be dancing with happiness…
Once they say something like that, it is almost guaranteed that they are going to be a problem. In future, if someone says something like that, tell them that the way Fiverr works is that the buyer needs to pay up front for the service they require, not through promises of payment afterwards.
If they don’t accept the extra after that then deliver what has been paid for and suggest they create another order if they need something else. Always be polite and speak simply in short sentences so there can be no confusion.


Honestly. It sounds like a threat because, he refused to make the payment and afterwards he decides to lure me by telling he’ll leave a killer feedback. He’s basically using the feedback system to get more work done out of me. It’s been a month so I’m not exactly sure how to deal with that.

Edit: He also considered my “services” not just 1, as a 5 dollar tip.


I read it as either he’ll give you a tip, or a great feedback and more work in the future - both of which are good things, not threatening?


No, he was saying that if you do the work for free, he will leave “killer feedback” meaning that the review will be very positive. Again, reviews are not currency and asking for additional work in return for a good review is against ToS.


No he considers me asking for a payment (for the background removal) as if i’m requesting that he gives me a tip. Not a payment.