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Horse Head Custom Videos, Lots of Positive Feedback, how can more people see this gig to enjoy it?

Hey, everyone who buys my horse head videos love them, but I feel like not many people are seeing my gig. I have 100% rating, a ton of positive reviews, and a lot of returning customers, but I feel that my gig is not being advertized on the front pages much. What can I do to promote viewership?


No offense, but writing on yourself or holding a sign is the kind of thing someone does who has no appreciable skills, and you are one of hundreds, maybe thousands, doing a variation thereof. And your profile only denotes your ability to be a fratboy.

Very immature. Not professional at all. If you don’t take what you’re doing here seriously, why should anyone else, let alone the Fiverr editors? Goofy gigs aren’t showcased very often.