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Hosting invoice as direct payment?

Hey!! I provided a custom hosting plan for a client which is due tomorrow. Can i accept payment off the Fiverr platform directly via my hosting company ? I’m concerned because Fiverr doesn’t allow us to share contacts / websites / emails etc and also all payments should be made within the platform itself. Please advice. Thank you

Of course you can’t. How would Fiverr make money?

Read the ToS, which you agree to when you join Fiverr.


If you do, then be ready to say goodbye to your Fiverr account.


Thank you for the clarification. BTW I didn’t deal outside Fiverr and the hosting package was given free (1 month) along with the gig because the client’s hosting account had some compatibility issues. My question is whether it is okay to direct the customer to buy domain / hosting from a 3rd party website like Godaddy / Namecheap etc where i wont be the direct beneficiary ? Or is it like i have to charge them the amount and do the payment on behalf of them and charge an extra 20% ?

Fiverr do not allow share any kind of personal contact information.

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Not Allowed
you can not sell any service which is more then 30 days!