Hosting Support Gig for you


I will host your website and as well as I will ensure super security and uptime for you.

Here is my total gig offer :

  1. Bandwidth , FTP , Domains – Unlimited
  2. 7 Days Backup
  3. Fully Managed
  4. Space 2GB
  5. 99.9% uptime
  6. Free Security Support
  7. 24/7 Hours support for any issue
  8. Individual Cpanel

and many more …

My gig :


As per my interaction with Fiverr support a while ago, hosting gigs are not allowed here. But we see many of them here anyway! Not sure if there is a change in the policy recently that allows such gigs.


I already request support to review it , if this service is available to provide or not. But as we are selling service here, so we can sell this service via fiverr … Like per month $5 to host any client website … I don’t think that can cause an issue …


They have allowed many other hosting gigs already, not just yours! You open a support ticket and ask the same thing and they would say that it is not allowed :slight_smile: At least thats what they told me whenever I asked them!

I am also in support of allowing hosting gigs as long as the billing is done via Fiverr but the apprehension seems to be that after the first payment, it is easier for the buyer to approach the hosting company directly and start paying them. With slim margins in hosting business, 20% cut means a lot I think.


I agree, already removed the gig. But it can be a nice service …


I don’t want that you remove your gig. You please check with support and decide.