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*Hot Tip* To create coupons on Fiverr

Hello Fiverr Family,

I hope you are enjoying this beautiful Monday.

I just wanted to give a quick tip on how you can create coupons on Fiverr.

What you can do is offer double the gig for the price of one gig.


I sale Dj Drops and and I offer 3 Dj Drops for only $5, but I want to create a 50% off coupon.

What I can do is offer 6 Dj Drops for the price of 3 and that works just like a 50% off coupon.
It is a little bit more work, but it works out to the same as a 50% off coupon.

You can see this Tip in action on my Dj Drops Gig by clicking here.

Hope this tip helps someone out to get a few more sales.

Pastor Dre

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