Hot weather and tough to work


in our country , its summer season .

Its really tough to work from Home or anywhere .
Weather is too much HoT. :sunflower:

Because of hot weather we are facing power, net, water etc problems.

I cant work properly so , I am not accepting any order . :maple_leaf:

What about Yours . :seedling:


Same here 43 Celsius.


I too suffer with the heat. My only hope is that the doctors, builders, general basic infrastructure maintainers and local service people don’t all decide to throw a sicky too.

That said, I do like a little anarchy.


A perfect 23Β° today. Tough to work just because I’d prefer being outside. A few minutes to midnight, I still see dusk due north. Ask me to complain about the weather in 6 months from now and I’ll be much more willing to whistle your tune :smiley: