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HOTTEST gig on fiver.. literally :)


I’m a street performer in New Orleans , LA and I’m offering a fire show here on fiver. Fuel costs me money and so the gig must be ordered in 3’s to make it worth even doing. This is an amazing show and I’ll include free logos or custom text at the bottom of the screen if you want. Check this out ESPECIALLY if you have never seen a fire spinner before :slight_smile:

also my glow show is only 5 bucks.

Theres only one other guy doing something as bizarre as a fire act… and he’s on a damn 10 foot unicycle juggling crazy dangerous things… Props to him for real!.. Mine is more of a performance dance act. Enjoy :slight_smile:


Looks like a great gig and I wish you great luck with it, just be careful, eyebrows are a terrible thing to lose.


don’t you have gig extra option?


I’m not sure , I have not had a problem with getting this one past the mods. Basically the cost of me doing it is not worth offering it for $5. The cost of fuel alone would be $4 bucks. I wouldnt even break even. I have not had anyone buy it here on fiverr but my glow show has made me about $40 so far. I see where you are going oldbittygrandma , and I’m sorry I was so late on replying to this thread. I could do what you suggested but I’d rather offer a liver performance each time. I’m just that passionate about what I do. Kittujai My account is 3 months old and I can’t level up because before I knew how important fiverr was going to be to my life , I made the mistake of trying to get someone to make payments off-site cause I just didnt know the rules at the time. The mods are hard to forgive and leave it up to their automated system so it’s now 3 months and I’m not level 1 yet. I’m simply reporting all the people from this point on who ask to pay me money off-site… it happens like 3 times a week.

I think because of this someone is being really really really hard on me here at fiverr… I’m losing hope…


It shows oldbittygrandma. I’ve been sharing your gigs with my friends on FB because you are ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS!!! :slight_smile: You and a few others on here have inspired me to make some funny skits and even bring a green screen into my home… if possible I’m going to use a simple bedsheet and hopefully get the proper lighting then start toying around with it.

My favorite of yours so far is the ""


And the fake readings =P


Wow you are in my head Oldbittygrandma , I told like 3 people about fiverr today and about your gig being one of my favorites and they gave a good chuckle. Thanks so much for the feature! And I was going to PM you about green screen advice! You sure you arent a real phsycic ? Haha!