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Hottest GIG?

Which gig i the hottest gig here on fiverr ?

At the moment, those would be the gigs on the West Coast of the USA. It’s very hot there right now. :wink:

Mine are the hottest. So hot that I have to sell them very slowly in the summer to keep from burning anyone. :wink: (Totally kidding.)

mouadx5 said: his few days i don't have any notification for 4 days why ? and i do my work good and the buyer is happy ? is Normal in Fiverr this days or just because i finich my first Month this august ???

Reply to @fonthaunt:
Yep. Every time I even look at your gigs, I need to put on sunglasses, and oven mits. :smiley:

Reply to @jonbaas: Very wise.