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Houdini as a buyer?

How many of you sellers have get a question first time from the buyer and answer him but then boom!! The buyer disappear like Houdini?
It seems like kind of magic.
Share your thoughts about this

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The disappearing act is just simple discourtesy. They asked you a question, you answered, it wasn’t to their satisfaction and they went pouf into the midnight air. I’ve done it myself to a laughable budget. It’s not worth worrying about. Move onto the next one.

EDIT: he did a ninja edit without acknowledgment. Could this be the root of his issues? Am I making a fuss over nothing? Or is he making a fuss over nothing? We will never know.

Seems like you only focus on buyers who don’t come back to you. You start the same topic again.

This is the same who asked it before?

I know how you feel :frowning: Once we ended up discussing the project for over 30 messages which included me giving him tips for his sites and teaching him about what SEO is and how its generally done. When I sent him the custom order per his request he pulled a Houdini :frowning:

Never give more than 3 answers to messages.

I don’t think about those people as “buyers” or even potential buyers. People will send random inbox messages for lots of reasons. Price comparison, making sure you exist and are still on Fiverr, checking to see if you write well enough to have a conversation and sometimes (weirdly) just to say hello. Those last ones get reported as unsolicited by me. A buyer is someone who places an order. A potential buyer is someone who sends information I need or questions that are important and they make it clear they are truly interested in ordering soon. The rest are just dust in the wind.

You don’t need to keep making topics on the same thing. Stick to one. I closed your other one and if you keep making more, they’ll be removed. The other one can be found here:

Yes. Last time it was about clients who never come back after saying they would.
Probably it’s just a cry for tissues.

Do you mean that you report those who send you messages like “Hi”?