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Hourly rate in Fiverr?

Hi everyone, is it possible for an hourly rate with time tracker here in Fiverr? In this way, a freelancer will earn more for having a longterm client as long as Fiverr.


I think Fiverr still no have option for hourly payment.

Some freelance sites have that. However, fiverr wasn’t designed like that. It’s cool like this. That’s the uniqueness of this platform.

How long I know fiverr has no such kind option.

That is why I am suggesting.

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It’s more cooler to have an hourly payment. :slight_smile:


that is the particularity of fiverr that is paid for service performed not for hours worked. although there are prsonas that place in the description of their gigs that work certain amounts of hours



Mostly virtual assistants

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It would be better if they have.

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All are fixed price job … there is no hourly system

Why? No reason to do that. You can charge what you want to charge and figure out an hourly rate but get paid for the whole amount in one order, in one amount.


Unfortunately not available this option…