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Hourly work on fiverr

Yesterday. I sent a buyer request. I got a reply from there. :innocent: Here’s our conversation. Did I did something wrong or it was his mistake?

Let me know so that I can fix it… :upside_down_face:

New forum users can’t put multiple images in a single post. That’s why I had to upload it on Imgur


Welcome to the fiverr forum. Very good reply and you are right . Good luck.


hi…welcome to fiverr forum community…


Thank you. Is there anything wrong? :smirk:

I don’t think so

Thank you :innocent:

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You were 100% correct to write that. You protected your account.

Had you given your phone number, a scammer could blackmail you after you’ve delivered completed work. Something like “If you don’t cancel the order, I will report you for giving out your phone number” (which of course would lead you to have an account warning or potentially be suspended).


I’m not sure if having all those custom offers sent that are not going to be accepted won’t work against you, concerning the algorithm… I wouldn’t do that again.


No. I didn’t share my any personal info with him

Bro you are on the right track… Best of luck…:grin:

it’s an automated thing, they’ll review and accept your message if they havn’t already