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How 1 week of illness ruined my Fiverr Profile


I got serious stomach problem and got admit in hospital. I have 2 orders pending.
For 1st order I told the buyer, I told him that You have not followed the instruction in gig description. So You can provide me details according to gig description or I can cancel the order. For 2nd Buyer I have complete the gig and sent him for review. I was unable to follow up due to illness. There were few spelling mistakes in content but I have just copy pasted the content, So the problem was due to her. But both buyers contacted support and cancelled the order leaving 1 star review. Fiverr support even did not asked me once that whats the problem. You have to hear both ends before making any decisions. I dont know what to do now.


The best thing to do is to move on. Work to deliver your next orders without the same mistakes from these past two. You can always improve. Use this as a learning experience, and become a better seller for your future clients and customers.


I don’t think your business is ruined. Overall you still have good ratings. Anything in the high four star range is really perfect anyway, and being off of 5.0 really makes things more believable. Make sure you reply to the negative feedback with something that starts with, “This was my fault. I was sick… All better now…” Do not expressed annoyance with the reviewers.

Your profile and gigs look really good. Good luck getting going again. :slight_smile:


Thanks for your reply. But the problem is that I even can’t reply to reviews. There is no option for that.


Dear Awanje:

One option you did not mention pursuing was opening a Dispute with these Buyers to request more time.

I suggest you explore that option for future reference.

Good luck,


I was unable to do so because I was in hospital and orders were cancelled by Fiverr Support without any notice.


Its okay. Two negative reviews can’t ruin your business. Also they didn’t know you were ill so its not their fault as well. Health come first. Rest can be compromised over it. Forget about it and move on.


Ruin is very harsh word… small hurdles like this don’t stop successful people… wish you success in future…