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How a Banned Freelancer Gets Their Money Back?


I had a great freelancer who helped me immensely on Fiverr. Now she is permanently banned from the system but still has money tied up in Fiverr. How can she get her money back? What’s the process for this?

I ask because I care about my freelancer.

Thank you.


Hi Todd. The info is easily found in Fiverr’s terms of service, linked to in the footer of all Fiverr main site pages, or by googling “fiverr tos”.
Also, she most probably got a mail from Fiverr telling her that her account is suspended for ToS violation and detailing the process or linking to it.

Unless the ToS changed since I last read them, she needs to contact support after 90 days, prove ownership of the account and then will be allowed to withdraw.

90 days may seem long but its probably a safety period to make sure any buyers of a banned seller who discover they have been scammed or frauded in some way (one of the reasons to get banned, after all) can contact support, in which case I suppose the seller wouldn’t get the money but it would be refunded to the buyer.

I’d recommend reading the ToS as a buyer too because they apply to all users (who acknowledge them when registering an account) as pretty much all the reasons that can lead to a ban are written there.

One of the most common reasons users get banned for is contact, or even payment, outside of Fiverr, which obviously makes sense if you look at it from Fiverr’s POV.

Good luck to your freelancer.

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