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How a buyer can buy my service if he doesn't have PayPal

Hello, there,
Its Me_Bharat SEO team.
We discussed many things with a buyer when the buyer wanted to buy the service. He said there is only the PayPal option to buy, And he does not have any PayPal
The buyer from Nigeria, can anyone say is there only Paypal option to buy. Or the buyer just scamming and trying to time pass.
Thank You.
Anyone from Nigeria please check by just clicking the Order button on any Gig, is it really Paypal or the buyer is Scaming…


Here are the payment options Fiverr say they accept:


Are you asking other people to buy from you in order to “check if they can”? That’s pretty sneaky, if you ask me. You don’t need us to try and “confirm” that someone is scamming you. If your buyer is unable (or unwilling) to pay for your services through Fiverr (as the TOS of this site requires), then he/she is not someone you should be working with.


Buyers can simply buy with a credit card, no matter where they are from. They don’t need a Paypal account.

They are either trying to scam you or don’t know how Fiverr works.

Tell them they can use a credit card. If they insist, just move on.


Really, am I asking other people to order my Gig!!!. I think you don’t understand what I said, I did not said anyone to order my Gig,

Is on any Gig means my Gig!!!,

I just asked, the buyer said here are no more payment option other than Paypal. So as I know Fiverr accepts major credit card and debit card. So then I think it may be for Nigeria only PayPal option is available. So just for conforming I say, if you don’t know is there any payment option available to pay other than Paypal, Just click on Order, Fiverr will show the various payment option it has to buy the service in any specific country.

When I said I am going to work with him, And when I said the buyer unable or unwilling to pay the service through Fiverr. After 2 hours of discussion when a buyer said I want your service but Fiverr Is showing only PayPal option to pay, So what we think

  1. may the Fiverr really showing only PayPal to buy.
  2. May the buyer scamming with us.

To know the real things we asked if the buyer really scamming and there is other methods available to buy other than Paypal we can block the buyer.

Thank You.

I was thought he was scamming me, but then he sends the screenshot, here you can see,

The buyer sounds like he’s trying to scam you. Please tone down the aggression, and don’t work for that buyer. It’s a simple as that. The buyer must pay for your services according to the payment options Fiverr allows. If he isn’t willing or able to do that, then he is not someone that you should work for.

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Thank You, No problem, We never will work with this buyer…

I am having the same issue as a buyer from Nigeria. He is not trying to scam you. I can’t pay for a service I really need because I can only see paypal as a payment option. However, my bank has blocked all payments to paypal because of an issue called dynamic currency conversion. This makes them lose money so they don’t like the idea.

That being said, the person still has to pay for your service just as I have to pay for mine. It is frustrating for us too.

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Thanks @dgoodluckcharm