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How A GIG can ranked on First Page?

Well A lot’s of you guys are asking same question over and over. But you can’t get the exact result until you see one of your gig get ranked on first page. My two gig ranked on fiverr first page. That was a great experience for me.

Now i am going to tell you the start to end journey to get your gig ranked or recognized.

First of all you have to remember that getting ranked on fiverr first page doesn’t mean that you will get a lot of orders than others.

Now understand about fiverr search algorithm. I saw most of the people are talking about just gig seo to get ranked on fiverr. But did you forget that fiverr is not a search engine just like google. It’s service selling site. So you have to think it in that way.

At the beginning you have to keep doing marketing on outside of fiverr to get your orders. This is the only way to recognize yourself on fiverr. When you able to get some orders than fiverr algorithm will automatically puss your gig to rank. Cause fiverr want’s benefits and we also want benefits.

My gig was on 7th page when i search it. Also remember that fiverr serach result is not same for everyone. It’s shows result by interest and browser cookies of the person. But suddenly i got a buyer from outside of fiverr and the order was a really good amount of money. I start keep working on that order but in the middle of that order, i was getting more extra orders everyday. than i start researching this massive hit of my gig.

What i found it practical. I get a big order and that increase my conversion rate. Fiverr algorithm than thought that i’m able to get more revenue and they also can get. than they start pussing my gig. in just 3 days i saw my gig on first page.

Now i’m going to tell you what you have to think. Gig sell not only come from search. Fiverr have a lot of way to promote your gig. You just have to keep giving the best service as you can. They will promote your gig through email marketing, social media boost, google search and many more places. on that time i also found my gig ranked on google in certain keywords.

so the main thing is just keep doing marketing on social media. get some orders and increase your conversion rate. you can see that everyday fiverr search page changing the result. That just because the conversion rate of that short time.

for example. let’s think that i have a gig that ranking on 10th page. i did the best seo ever in the world but not getting order. not getting any orders means no revenue for me also not for fiverr. than why fiverr will promote me. But suddenly i got $1k plus order and on that short moment very few people got high budget order on that specific service. than fiverr will filter those person for the revenue and give them rank also puss them on other promoting programs they have.

from my overall experience i think this is the only truth behind fiverr algorithm. As i said at first, this is a service selling site not just a search engine.

Let me know what you think. if you read the full article.


Hi Sahinics,
I have read the complete article. It’s worth to maintain gig position on Fiverr.
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Nice Article, vary helpful

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I was looking for, how to rank my gig on first page and this article really helped me to understand this.

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Being on first page doesn’t mean you will get orders just like the OP said.
If you see it on the first page it could be just you. Or maybe just people in a certain location. What you see is not necessarily what others see on fiverr. They show everyone different things now.

And one day you could be on the first page and next day on page 20, next day on page 10, etc.


Thank you. I hope this will help me.

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Are you sure, can you confirm that? I have searched from my friend smartphone, fiverr shows the same results!

When I’ve looked at my gigs using a stealth browser that’s what happens. It’s not how I see it when I look at it from my usual chrome browser so yes I’m sure.