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How a New Seller can get Frequent New Orders


Thanks to the “Proud father of two beautiful girls”


This is a very interesting post. However, as a new seller I tried answering your question one in relation to my Gigs but I’m unable to.The thing is that I’m a brand identity designer in the Graphics design category and I offered Logo design, business cards and letterheads Gig’s. So, how can my services be different from other sellers in the platform? Despite the fact that it is what I love doing, I think the only thing I can do is to improve my delivery work Quality. I Can’t just think :thinking: of anything else in terms of uniqueness.
Who can help??


sir good suggestions from you
please Let me know how can i found check out page


Hi, I’m new and I try to improve my gigs and my profile but I’m not good at using internet, designing or doing traslations. But I’m good at talking to stranger and so I thought to do this on fiverr. I saw a lot of people that do the same thing. I’d like to help you. I love talking to stranger because they don’t know anything about me, they talk to me without any prejudices and I love this feeling: I love to open myself to someone without the fear to be judged for my past, my story . That’s why I decided to do this it.


thanks for support us


Currently your gig’s title’s are as:
I will design your business logo in 24 hours
I will design modern minimalist logo in 12 hours
I will create a unique business cards and letterheads
I will design professional business card and letterhead

Currently you are offering 2 services in 4 gigs, i’ll prefer selling it as:
I will create unique and professional corporate level identity for your business:
Timeline: 6 hours.
Business logo
Provide attractive: Tag line for your business.
Help you setup company mission and mission statement.
Business card
Letter head
Corporate invitation business letter formats.

All in $50

I think that’s some unique.


Welcome to the Fiverr community:
I see you are offering 3 services:
I will do data entry in one day.
I will professional proofreader and editing services.
I will perfect data entry master.

Remember my Question, “why would someone buy from you”?
Are you more cheap?
Are you more expert than other’s in the same industry?
Are you selling some thing that others are not selling?

So how would you add some spice in same industry that you are working in.
Define the quantity if you are adding time line in your gig’s title.
Or offer the same work the way it is not offered by other sellers.

Like, “I would do data entry job on teamviewer in front of you.


Helo, llaria welcome to fiverr.
I see you are offering a single gig as " I Will Be A Friend With Whom You Can Talk About Your Problems".
Well try adding some other related gig’s as well, i am personally willing to buy your gig when i got some time with this “DATA SCIENCE” thing. :blush:


Wow! Thank you for the nice observations and suggestions.I have never thought of it this way.
I will look it into it and try to adjust my Gig accordingly.


Sure, I’ll do that! Thank you very much, so I’ll wait for your message! :blush::blush:


I am damn sure, this would really create an outstanding impact on your sales.


Any time mate, secondly just add some more charm in your gigs. Like.
“I am always here to accompany you when you feel alone.”
Secondly make your gigs with some brief introductions so that buyers will gonna have a clear idea of what you are providing them; make them realize that it’s a solution to some problem they are facing.


So you think that I have to do some gigs with similar offer? :thinking:


Not really, what i mean to say is that gig is really not so descriptive. If you don’t got any other thing to offer than you left up with the only way of staying in this nice while offering it with different problem solutions.


Thank you very much, I’ll do it. Now I have to go to the university but in the train or in the evening I’ll change it. :sweat_smile: Thanks again


You can get assistance regarding your gigs any time mate, have a good day. :wink:


You’re very kind, thank you. Have a great day :blush:


I think so. Many thanks to you once again.

I planned adjusting my Gig accordingly today and hopefully I will start seeing improvement soon enough. You’re a very good person. I’m Thanking Fiverr for having you on this great forum with great minds.


Its great to see determined people on Fiverr, best of luck with your success. Hopefully you will get the ball rolling and get some orders for your gigs.


I changed something in my gig, now is it better?