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How a New Seller can get Frequent New Orders


Hi, Thanks for providing so much value. Can you look over mine too. So I can make any adjustments, I’ve been on Fiverr for about 2 years now and I’ve only got 9 orders


ohhh wow great to hear


you are absolutely right dear.


No! No! No! You’re extra ordinary.
I have been on this forum for about 2 years now, this is the first time I’m seeing a new seller giving out something so useful and different.
People who write posts on getting orders have always repeated the same thing
I must confess that I just finished writing these points down.

Could you please take a look at my gigs and tell me what I’m doing wrong?


I just love these kind words of appreciation, Thank you :yum:


Thank you for your appreciation.


What we normally do to rank a profile, we start selling very cheap. Till we get at least 10 sales. These sales and outstanding reviews rank our profiles more higher in fiverr searches. Just be very creative in your gig titles, provide more in less price. Try to think like a buyer, that if you was a buyer why you would buy from @irekanmi


@logozlegrand These kind words make me more enthusiast to contribute more.

Let’s talk about your gigs, you have did pity well so far; indeed it’s very little for a big spam of time.
I believe, you would be having good impressions for your gigs without making frequent sales. You are selling cheap, but I think it’s because of the quality displayed on your gig.

We can conclude a good hypothesis while having a look on your gigs impressions.


My impression is very low


How much? can you share the screen shot of last 6 months?


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Thanks for your appreciation.

I see your gigs are pity unique, and you are doing well.


Your suggestion is highly valuable. But i think somehow it takes time to get in this highly crowded platform. Whatever our skills are… everyone prefers those how have some level or much reviews rather than just a new seller here…


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Of course. That’s the same with any business.

Nothing good happens overnight. If you want success here on Fiverr, you need to be prepared to ‘slog’ for a while. It’s why I’m always so disappointed when I see people complaining about being on the site a week and “having no orders”. People like that won’t last in the long-run.


Exactly i agree with you. This work just demands time. Even a loss in some business at the beginning is a normal thing to happily endure.We as new sellers here should properly invest our time and struggle and leave the result in fortunes hand.


Thanks for all these motivations. Its a gift from our seniors that they are guiding us here and converting our worries to a proliferating hope. Thanks one again.


Indeed fortune does not even exist, if the hard work is done in some extreme passionate way.


@aliimranns Provide some free gifts with your gigs along with this, lower down your price till you show up on top results.
Free gifts like:
I will create your logo design in 10 different sizes.
I will design 3D logo with free broucher.
I will design your company broucher with free logo.


Great! I love your suggestions! Thanks!