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How a New Seller can get Frequent New Orders


I am a long-time successful seller on this site. But I can say, from experience, many years ago, when I was first starting out on Fiverr, I had to compete for my success – and quite determinedly at that. I had to build a strategy that grew my business, and it was not easy. I am where I am today because I was willing to work VERY hard for my sales and success. I had to find ways to connect with the people who needed my services, and I had to be willing to find creative ways to outdo my competition.

If you want fortune on your side, you’re going to have to follow the advice of the old saying, “Fortune favors the bold”. It does not say, “fortune favors those who wait”. It says, “fortune favors those who are bold enough to EARN it.”

If you’re not willing to be bold, determined, and sacrifice your time and efforts to pursue your goals, then you’re not going to be successful. It’s as simple as that.


What a Powerful motivation!


Yes, exactly; their is no space for lame excuses in market.


This is great. :smiley: , Thank you. :blush:


dawidu156 Try to mention the quantity of work you would provide in title of your gig, while making it more short.
This will inhance your conversion rate, as users for your industry are seeking for Quantity in lower price. You made it with lowest cost available, that’s cool; mentioning the quantity in title would for sure grab fast conversions for you.


Valuable tips for all new sellers’.


Thank You for sharing your with us … I ma also a new in fiverr i hope every freelancer dream come true one day. :heart_eyes:


Great. It was helpful for me. Thank you.


Thanks for post manager. This is very helpful to beginner seller.


Very inspiring for a new seller, Thanks :slight_smile:


tashfainhaeder Your gig is fine, just try to add some more professional video-graphic content that would attract buyers to stop on.

Your current video is not exactly describing your service, be detailed, add texts on each “SHOT” that would be having some description regarding what you actually edited in the ex-plainer video.

Other than this your gig is not lacking any thing, secondly add some other related gigs as well.


riyad_hossain65 Thanks for your kind words mate.
riyadh_naimul SALUTE to all FREELANCERS out there.
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