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How a newbie can earn by this community?


i would say thank you for the person who make fiver a platform to earn. i feel extremely wonderful over there. Please i need help on how i can get offers and earn money on this awesome platform. The only thing i Know i to make assignments and Reports. Just give some suggestions i would be thankful to every one.


Doing assignments is against the TOS here, unfortunately.


Read the services you can offer on Fiverr. Doing someone’s else school work is highly un-ethical


Offer services that you have skills for, at prices customers are willing to pay. That is how business works, and, therefore, that is how Fiverr works. You are a freelance businessman. Treat your gigs like a business if you want them to be successful.

If you don’t know how to think like a businessman, then now might be a good time to do some research and figure out how business works.


Jonbaas being brutal with the responses today. :fearful: I will try to stay on your good side


Brutal honesty seems to be warranted by this OP’s request. He wants someone to tell him the easy road to take, so he can “get offers and earn money”. My honest response was to remind him that we are not going to make those things happen for him – he’s going to have to learn how to run his freelance business… which means, he has some research, goal-building, and perhaps even soul-searching to do.

This OP comes across as the “mek sells fast” type. :neutral_face:


100% agree. You have more patience than I. If i had to stay on the forums and educate everyone on how Fiverr works, I would charge them for it.


Don’t think I haven’t strongly considered an advice gig of this nature. :wink: However, it would open the door to a high level of low reviews from mek sells who may not like what I have to tell them. They always want easy solutions, and I am never going to be giving out easy solutions.


thank your so and very very much sir, thank for your time


Thanks for your contribution


jonbaas sir thank so much. I appreciate that.