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How a Programmer can get order on fiverr?

Hello Everyone!!!
I am just started my journey with fiverr and i need some help with that.
I am a programmer with full command over C++ language with both basic and advance topics. I also know C,C#,Java,web designing and basic android as well. I need some guidance about how to work with fiverr and how to got order more quickly. Please any programmers who are out there please share your knowledge with me. thanks

my advice for you is to promote your gig as much as you can like Facebook ,twitter etc
and in the beginning of your fiver journey offer more extra in basic gig…
best of luck

Explain the kinds of things you make, like you are good at making games or utilities or so. That will help people to get an understanding about your ability because many customers really are not technological, they cannot understand anything when you say the languages you know!

Hi. Firstly, you should give an accurate and catching description in your profile page. The first impression is the most important for the client. Secondly, try to make your descriptions of the gig longer in order to avoid the confusions in the mind of the customer and to offer him the correct and complete details. Write there what are your skills, who are you, why should he choose you instead of others. Try to optimize your gig, to promote it on social media. :smiley: