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How a racked my gig at first page


I’m a new user, Kindly share me some tips to get my gig ranked at first page and to get orders.

Thank you


Welcome to the forum

Thank you. . kindly share me some tips to get a successful seller…

Drive targeted traffic

How I drive more traffic to my account. .???

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Have you read and implemented all the tips in the Tips for Sellers section?


Everyone wants to be on the first page! :slightly_smiling_face:

However, There are only 48 gigs on the first page, so Fiver has a super secret algorithm for rotating those who appear on page one of search results. :wink:

It seems that seller’s stats have something to do with you gig placement. So try to keep them always between 90-100%. :+1: Also having all 5:star: reviews helps. However, never ask for a review or even say the word review in communication with clients or you could get a TOS warning! :scream:

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you can’t rank your gig as you want.

The rank is based on the your gig performance. And your performance is based on doing sales.

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Can you imagine the size of the first page if everyone could rank their gig as they wanted to? :rofl:



Look it up in the forum. It has been asked hundreds of times.

If you do your research you’ll also learn that many factors unrelated to your activity influence who gets on the first page. It’s not something you get automatically because you do all the right things.

Please look things up before you post.

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Hi welcome to the fiverr forum community :slight_smile: I think you should send 10 buyer request offer daily.

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Firstly, Thanks for join fiverr forum. if you share and seo marketing, I sure that your gig show first page and get more order. you can share different market place and multiple way.

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hope you will get your first job quickly <3

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Thank you so much. This helps alot

Yes I do. .Could you share some tips to send an outstanding proposal to buyer’s.

Thank you

I have received 2 orders in 3 days and they give me 5 star with good reviews.

Much Helpful, Thank you so much. .