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How a seller become Super seller?


I wanna know how anyone become super seller? How much time it would take to be a super seller on fiverr???
can anybody tell me !
Regards :slight_smile:


A super seller on Fiverr is someone who has earned top standing as one of the most successful sellers on the site. It is a rare honor, and one that is only granted by those who work for Fiverr.

You are a currently light years away from achieving this status. :wink:


It depends on number of reviews, sales, average rating and SENIORITY.


i AM WORKING on fiverr from one month :smiley: Its my target I will achieve it very soon :slight_smile: insha Allah :slight_smile:


thanks for comment :slight_smile: I got it


It’s someone who makes a LOT of money here. I’m not sure what the amount is, but there are some who make over $100,000 a year.




Wouldn’t the $100k+ sellers be more of a team/agency with some pretty good gig extras? I mean, that’s like 20,000 base $5 orders, a statistic that makes my blood run cold :smiley:


You’re going to have to be working hard on Fiverr for a LOT longer than one month if you want to earn super seller status. You are nowhere near earning that honor. Perhaps you might find your seller experience to be more beneficial if you focus on being successful now, rather than expecting to be among the top rung of sellers in only a few short months.

Build your success. If Fiverr thinks you are worthy of super seller status, they’ll promote you when they feel your success reflects that level. There is nothing you can do to achieve it on your own. So, for your own sanity, focus on the success that YOU can achieve.


There is at least one or more voiceover artists who make that much. I don’t know how they find the time. One said in a podcast she does about six an hour for an average of 50 per day.

I’m sure the average sale is more like $30 to $50.


Here is a man who earns $20,000 a month here:


hardy belive that he is not super seller with this income :expressionless:


He is one. He is super seller Danyal.


Thnxx all


I know Danyal , He ic neighbour of my uncle :slight_smile:


Then you actually know a super seller! How does he sell so many logos for $45?


he is a team . he doesn’t work as an individual.


He has a team of 8 friends. Because of his friend’s suggestion I am here.


i am new here, i want to be a super seller on Fiverr, what are the steps to take i we be very happy to hear from anyone thanks


Make over $100,000. How? That part is up to you to figure out.