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How about a $25 minimum for BRs?


Let the cheap lazy buyers search through the categories themselves. They can find plenty of folks who sell themselves for $5.


That might be better, but then almost nobody would post.

The only people who really use BR to find sellers are the cheap ones. The ones that want the world for 5$. Or sellers who think BR is where they post their jobs.

It might make it better, but then again, almost everyone looking for higher priced work generally ask or order from the sellers directly.


That is a bad idea. Buyer Request is especially good for newcomers put a fee to it will turn away many people.


Maybe they could put a $2 posting fee so that anyone who posts has to be serious.
It could even be done that if they hire someone who replied then they don’t have to pay a service fee.

Edit: this would also end the BR spam from sellers


There is no limits for BR per day by user?

Put a limit by 1/day. After the first BR, if the user try to make another just teach them how make a search. :slightly_smiling_face:


I don’t agree. If there were fewer of the penny pinchers, perhaps more serious buyers would post—attracting even more professional sellers.

I know when I raised my prices I attracted better buyers.


Let the newcomers build their gigs and their business on their own merits. Maybe lots of $5 sales used to get good treatment from fiver, it no longer does.

If fiver is truly trying to build a Pro Platform they are not going to do it by encouraging $5 sales.


Now there is an original idea! If you are too lazy to search for what you want, pay a fee.


Like eoinfinnegan, thinking on your feet. Bravo


I don’t think is totally correct, though I agree that it describes the average buyer in BR. When I’ve been really slow I’ve often bid on as many jobs as I can in BR, though I try to pick ones that look like new buyers. I have about 6 or 7 regular buyers that I originally found on BR over the past few years.

I offered them steep discounts for the first order but they were using the bidding system because they just didn’t really understand how to use the filtering and search systems well. I did lose a couple of them as my prices went up over time, but a couple of them are still regulars today.

I think this is a great idea. Since the processing fees are around anyway, why not? It’s a perfect way to get rid of sellers posting and even a $5-10 buyer would still benefit.


But even if you looked at every seller you thought might be able to do what you want, they don’t necessarily say they could do what you might want done in their gig description. You might end up having to contact lots of sellers in a particular category/subcategory to see if they could do what you want, when it would be much easier for both if a buyer request was posted saying what you want done and the sellers who could do it could respond with an offer.


I think this is a great idea. Since the processing fees are around anyway, why not? It’s a perfect way to get rid of sellers posting and even a $5-10 buyer would still benefit.

It’s a good idea if you get a seller that can do what is in your request. If no one replies or none of those who reply can actually do what is in the request (maybe they just send a template response without actually reading it and can’t actually do the job), you’ve lost $2 by posting a request that didn’t go on to get an order.


Awwwww. Poor buyer. Has to do a little due diligence to find what he needs. Maybe we should take this idea to Amazon. Just have buyers post what they want and sellers could bid. Wouldn’t that be just great?

Again, you seem to miss the entire concept of the fiverr Marketplace.


Doing a bunch of cheap gigs to get sales and reviews used to work in the old days, but fiverr has changed its algorithms. Now after you transition out of “New Seller” status, their search engine drops you like a hot rock.

You better be racking up lots of sales at $5 because it takes 250 of them to get to $1K. so if you are a creative and can’t just pull stuff off the shelf, you better be charging a lot more for your work.

All fiverr cares about is the money and the exposure so Twitter and Facebook are the keys.


You’re forgetting that these cheap buyers are not looking for quality. They are looking for the most for the least. Basically anybody in the category could do their job—if they are willing to put up with a lot of nonsense for $5.


Not necessarily. Most new sellers here on Fiverr seem to think that social media will be their golden goose, and by merely plastering their gig links all over Facebook and Twitter, they’ll have hundreds of orders. In reality, social media is not the key to success, because most sellers are only connected to their friends. Friends are not gig customers. The only way social media is “a key to success” is if all of the people someone is connected to are desperately in need of that person’s gig services.


You are bang-on. However, you are forgetting one thing: Social Proof. fiverr laps it up.

Inward links are what fiverr is looking for. Sales is just icing on the cake. Sure it’d be great for us and fiverr if all those link followers bought something, but what fiverr really wants is eyeballs and brand recognition, and for that they reward you with placement.


I wasn’t just talking about the $5 buyers. Higher paying buyers too. Paying $2 and getting nothing in return because no one replies with a proper offer (either because they can’t do the work, or don’t properly read it and just send a template response or can’t do it within the budget or some other reason) seems a bit of a waste. Maybe it would be less of a waste if there was some comment option so the buyer (only) could see comments/suggestions from sellers about the request. Then at least they may get something for their money if no one can do their request (and sends an offer for it) within their budget.

What would also help reduce bad requests is if Fiverr prompted the potential buyer to fill in more details about the request depending on the category/subcategory selected (eg. fields relating to the category/subcategory).


You miss my point. There will always be desperate sellers, like desperate gamblers who double down when they lose.

I would be aghast if any buyer, ever, did not find any acceptable offer. Yours is basically a strawman argument.

However in that unlikely event, perhaps a fee would discourage him from being lazy and he’d go off into the vast resources of Search.

Most of the pros here don’t even look at BRs, they are either too busy or have better resources. I do it because it’s entertaining and always good for laughs.


This is a good point. In voiceover you can’t imagine the number of requests posted that just say. “I want voiceover.” I imagine its the same for other categories as well.