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How about a monthly recurring gig? Ongoing gigs

I had this brainwave when I was paying for my webhosting.

I mean you could get people offering their SEO, web hosting, links (paid) and proxy services for $5 every month. In other words, the gig continually charges the buyer $5 (with extras) until the buyer cancels the ongoing gig.

Maybe you could let the top level sellers choose when to bill the buyers - monthly, weekly, daily, quarterly etc

So far I have only managed to apply the ongoing gig idea to internet marketing but I am sure once you let it loose, the fiverrians will come up with some amazing services.

This would be a cool feature. Haha…

Agreed - this is what I am looking for when I buy Gigs. If Fiverr is first to do this I will set up my business with them. But if one of their competitors chooses to put this in place then I will move my business over to them.

We will see if Fiverr catches on