How about a 'please'


Could you imagine dealing with this buyer from Buyers request

i am looking for someone to change an image to animation for $5 . i want raw files too, i will only pay when i am satisfied with the work.



I’d probably go all “Good! Now go find yourself another seller.”


I would like to send that gif to him lol


Awfully demanding for 5 freaking dollars! :frowning::broken_heart:


Isn’t the buyer request in the wrong category? Shouldn’t it be in the “Video and animation” category?


probably thought he would get someone cheaper lol


It will find another seller for this work.


Where can I apply for this???


Good luck then :joy:


And once again we give thanks as they raise a giant red flag telling you to avoid them . It’s nice when they self identify as an idiot.


I generally stay away from the Buyer’s Request section of Fiverr. In my experience, the people who go in there are not willing to pay my regular rates, which are already a steal.

I wish you all success and send greetings from the Caribbean!



I would immediately delete that request, and move on to a serious one. :wink:


With buyers request you got to be really picky. i have had some really fun jobs out of it.


That’s not a red flag, that’s a giant neon sign saying DO NOT ACCEPT ME AS A CLIENT.


Quote of the day HAHAHAHAHAHA.