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How about adding a 6 star review?

Practically every gig and sellers have 5 star reviews. The reviews are, for the most part, written so poorly, it is useless for buyers to filter.

I know that this could cause some controversy, but how about giving us buyers an opportunity to leave an additional star :star2: for exceptional work for a price.

When leaving a 5 star review, you can ask the buyer an additional question, something like: "Would you like to leave 1 additional star for $5?

Long time buyers and those truly satisfied may be willing to do so for the pure satisfaction of making great sellers stand out. It will make it easier for us buyers to quickly filter thru reviews.

I am wasting too much time filtering thru thousands of gigs and this could be helpful. If I’m willing to pay money to leave an extra star, you better believe I’m writing a review worthy of reading.

Well, just a suggestion.


That’s… an interesting thought. Not sure I agree, but for sake of playing with the idea and logistics:

Would the $5 all go to Fiverr, or would the seller get any?
Would it come from the tip amount (if a tip was given), or be added separately to the order total?
Would the star raise the average (put in the same pool), or be a completely separate and secondary method of rating? (A separate sum total rather than an average. Since Fiverr’s color is green, having a separate Green-star count might be interesting?)

Could/should these have an influence on rank rotation?
If it’s not a purely visual system, how could this be exploited, and what could be done to mitigate or minimize that?
How much work (cost) would it be to implement, and would it be beneficial for Fiverr as a business?


And that 5$ may go to the seller as tip :innocent:


If Fiverr were to implement something like this, it would need to pay for itself, so no, I would not think the seller would get $4 like they would for a regular tip. Maybe 50/50, or an inverse 20% (80/20 Fiverr/seller).

A new method of ‘verification’ or ‘promotion’. Many sellers already are willing to pay for such. (Paid promotion and self-advertising.)


They could add a feature to filter/sort gigs by those that have well written reviews above a specified character count (or just a high one) above a certain average rating (maybe a more filters by rating too). They could find high quality reviews by more than just the character count and the ones that are flagged as helpful though, eg. through text analysis of the reviews.

They already have the option to view reviews for a gig in “most relevant” order which takes into account character count (and probably date).

A 10 star rating system would also be more accurate than the current 5 star one, as long as everybody didn’t give 10 stars as much as they currently give 5 stars.

Also if Fiverr lowered their level stat requirements and buyer request requirements re:average ratings, there’d likely be more variation in ratings and they might be more helpful to buyers.


Your idea is good but 6 stars sound tacky (what is this, GTA?!).

I’d rather have a new badge like the Rising Talent and Fiverr’s Choice ones that is based on the amount of tipped orders, with a new analytics meter. Example: if in the last 60 days you had at least a certain amount of tips over all of your orders, you get a new “Appreciated” or “Respected” badge, something like that.


What about ranking the 5 star sellers from the amount of tip they get from the buyers?
So we have 5 star review with a poor writing and we have 5 star review but the client left a tip … tip always shows satisfaction in my opinion


I concur in thinking a rating out of 10 would be preferable. Currently for sellers, there’s only a 0.3 margin from 5 stars before receiving negative consequences like losing levels, and a 0.5 margin before losing the ability to respond to buyer requests. That’s a very small margin to work between which is why many sellers become frustrated with even a seemingly good 4.3 star review.

If the rating system was out of 10, and say, level loss occurs at 7.9 stars and buyer request access is lost at 7.4; that allows for far more differentiation from “good” service to “great” service, without prohibitively impacting the seller.

-Hmm, but this would also make a dreaded 1 star review even more impactful and harder to negate…


I think this idea is pretty cool, but sometimes buyers have a certain budget (even if they want to leave you a 6 star review), so they wouldn’t be able to do that!

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When I read your headline - this was my reaction >>> :man_facepalming:.

And then I read your post >>> :+1:. Your thought process is a good one. It could be very helpful if Fiverr, for example, showed how many buyers had tipped a seller.

The only issue I can think of is that many cheap sellers, who charge below market rates, do get tipped by buyers. This could artificially sway reviews.


This would be separate from the tipping feature. It would be an additional star, perhaps in a different color like blue or green.

A buyer can filter for the sellers with green star. Read what made them special.

I’ve wasted too much $ on sellers with perfect 5 star reviews. Some I’ve paid up to $60. It’s getting harder and harder to find quality sellers here.

It used to be much much easier. Nowadays, many unqualified sellers mimic good profiles, and then take advice to charge higher prices.

I’m just trying to figure out ways to distinguish great sellers. I can spend 100 hours reading profiles and still hire wrong people.


It’s interesting to read your post. You are thinking as a buyer. I am thinking as a seller.

Certainly as a seller I am aware that most buyers do automatically award 5 stars. As a seller I am grateful for this - but it must make it difficult as a buyer to distinguish between the good and the bad.

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@gina_riley2 Giving that you have this issue from at least 2016-2017 (how to select seller) my guess is that as a long term buyer on this platform, unfortunately (really, unfortunately) the only way to find good sellers is by accepting the loss (time and/or money) on the bad.
And after you find the good stick with them.

As a seller, I am not a fan of seeing another seller having 30-50 orders in the queue but he/she did not get to that level by staring at the sky, they have skills and deserve those orders.

Making 6* or 100* will not make any changes on the site.

The unspoken truth is that you have a “black” market for reviews. Right now you could get 50 5* reviews for 500USD, in two clicks.
You have sellers selling their accounts (PRO and TRS also) so you look at the profile PRO while the file you get is the level of an elephant (not Suda level though).

So basically you would just create another section on the black market that will say 10$ for 6*.

The problem is not the Fiverr site and rating, is the human in general. Some people are afraid of leaving an honest review and from their point of view is “I am finished with this person, I will never use him again, I do not want to destroy his career” and just click 5* for all and leave it. I know because I do that too on eBay and Aliexpress. I know how much of work they put for only 5$ so even if the item sucks I can’t bear to put a negative review. My selection is either a positive review or no review.
Empathy is the worst.

PLUS: from the private feedback you write it is obvious you are unique buyer that treats Fiverr as constant resource. Most of the buyers today are one time only, log in, buy, leave. They have no idea what Fiverr is, what cancelation does to a seller, why proper ordering with requirements is important, why leaving honest and detailed review is appreciated …

This sentence made me appreciate even more my “long review” clients.


That’s like saying the Buyer reviews should be on a scale of 1 to 10.

Guess how many Sellers would make noise out of 5-Star reviews then?

I think having a scale of 1 to 5 forces Buyers to think harder about their ratings for Sellers knowing that a 5 is as good as it gets and a 3 looks sort of bad, if that makes sense.

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I have a lot of people that are very satisfied with my work, they come back often, yet they leave only 4 star reviews. That’s the way they are, yet they are still happy and if you check my gig, you will see they are coming back every couple of months. A potential buyer that sees a glowing review won’t care if it’s 4 stars or not. As far as I am concerned the review system is ok. Adding an additional star would just encourage sellers to lower prices so they can get that additional star. It’s not ok, since it would lead to people manipulating the system.

Pretty much any change you would make to this website, there will be people trying to manipulate it to their own gain. That’s the way humans are. So Fiverr can’t really make any changes without thinking about ways people would manipulate something like this.

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Good advice :blush: :blush: :blush: :blush:

They could take that into account in the search/advanced search eg. have an option for how much weight to give to gigs with a higher % of repeat buyers, if that would help buyers. They used to have a badge or something that said something about high % of repeat buyers (though that often got shown for sellers with only a few reviews I think).

Even if there is still the risk that any search system/rating system won’t be perfect, it doesn’t mean they shouldn’t improve it if there would be a better way. One that at least helps. They’re basically always trying to improve their search/ranking algorithm (though maybe their machine learning system might need to take into account more things).

I think if someone paid for 500 5* reviews there’d be a good chance of them being detected by Fiverr. Also it’s likely that the review text wouldn’t be long for each review or very well written or unique. That could also be used for any advanced search that took into account quality of the review text, length of text etc. A detection system could also use the review text to help determine if they were fake reviews maybe.

If they have 50 orders in the queue there’s a good chance they have a team too.

There’s also the private review. It’s possible the search ranking system takes the private rating into account and it may be given just as much or more weight than the public rating.

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Still, stars aren’t really relevant all the time. I know Fiverr clearly uses that system to promote gigs with 5-star reviews more, and you can’t really say to a person that even if they like it and give you 4 stars, they are hurting you. So, I just got over this, who knows, it might be the reason why my gigs are removed from search…


I see no reason why I would pay extra to leave a review.

More likely to think, “Oh, paid reviews?”

Seeing sellers aren’t even allowed to spell ‘review’, the move is more likely to result in less reviews overall. A buyer may even think their review won’t go through unless they pay for it, so they’ll pay once, then leave no reviews at all, for any seller thereafter. And we all know how much reading-averse buyers can be on here!

On the other hand, hiring the right person is up to the buyer. How would you buy something if there were no reviews at all?

Let’s not forget there are new sellers joining the platform every day of the year. They too need a chance. The tougher it is to leave a review, the higher will become the entry-barrier, which will diminish the overall quality further.

There’s a reason why monopoly results in the worst quality.

If you want the best, the only way to do so is:

  • Converse with the person
  • Ask questions
  • Vet their responses
  • Test if you have to
  • Listen to your gut-feeling

I’m sorry.

Although, it is a good idea. It won’t solve the problem.

Those who buy reviews or persuade the buyer to leave 5 stars will find the way to get the blue or green stars as well…while the legitimate ones will suffer due to the simple laws of economics, restrictions, and professionalism.

Sorry again.

The only effective way to fix this problem is to have a vetting system for signing up. Have online live testing with a face camera for each individual category.
What I have noticed from my initial research if you want to provide your services online but using someone else platform, not your own website you have the following options:

a) site where you apply for a certain job by doing all the work before being paid for the client and then he selects one seller from the list of applicants.
b) site where you must provide evidence of past accomplishment and portfolio, evidence of strong social media presence
c) site where you can get in without prior work done and have an ad for your service available to everybody and also apply for occasional buyers requests.

Problem with a)
On a daily basis, I see 120 people responding to the contest fully knowing only 1 will get paid. I can not understand how people think this is normal and/or acceptable.
b) If you are new you have nothing to show of
c) people who install Photoshop on computer calling them self professional designers, profusionul transllator Google all languages; making everyone else look like they should be ashamed to say “I work as a freelancer on F…”
Benefits of a)
For buyers, this site is perfect because he gets +100 people working on their order and he only has to pay one. For seller this site is good because the revenue is higher than other sites (minimum is 300 and it can get 1300 and over per one logo project).
b) as a buyer you get top of the top, proven established sellers, as a seller with a portfolio you get to deal with normal buyers/clients
c) As a seller with no prior experience you get to grow your portfolio and make income and experience, as a buyer depending on what you need and where you gonna use it you can get average or supreme quality for an extremely low price by hiring anything from 5$ section.

No. there are zero to none of the chances. They have a very good and established system that I already explained and proven and Fiverr can not do anything about it because there is no clear evidence unless they invade their private email inbox. They form a group of 10-100 people with accounts. A buys from B, B from C, C from D D from.,… and X buys from A. all is legitimate and clear.

They have this too. There is a document of 20-100 sample reviews and all they have to do is input the seller’s name because adding the seller name in the review boosts his SEO for that GIG. They had a couple of new people joining their group and obviously, they did not teach them well because they came to the forum asking for help and by doing that draw attention to themself and we noticed their reviews, like so: He/she was excellent in providing this. He/she was… so basically they need to remove one he or she from the review template before pasting it on the site. They failed to do that so the review looks like the template. This is most prominent in graphic design categories.

Many buyers do not feel like leaving the review even if they are really happy with everything. They do it because the moment when they received the files system is asking them, but private review comes later and for that you have to go to the site, log in… type… too much work.

Maybe in old days but now you get all kinds of no star and low star on first pages. Algo is under pressure.

This is it. I clearly state in my brief in all my GIGs that if this is their first time working with me, ask me to do the sample work first.