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How about creating a gig that gives 10000 backlinks...?

Plz Top Rated sellers…and Level 2 Sellers… take your time to give me some tips…

Reply to @arnevb: But gigs with 6000 backlinks also exists in fiverr bro…

Because they exist does not mean they are any good. Arnevb is correct. Imo anybody selling things that are bad for SERPs should have their rankings knocked down because they are not providing a genuinely good and professional service.

Reply to @jamesosix: But more Positive reviews are given by buyers…how will they give positive review if the work is not professional bro…??

Reply to @ozzieuk: Thanks…bro… will consider your advice…

I avoid 99% of backlink gigs on Fiverr like the plague

Reply to @arnevb: agree

Do not over do it you will soon be slapped with a google ban created all if those in a short time I guarantee it aim for 5 to 10 back links at once with a total maximum of about 50 a week

Reply to @twistedweb123: Why is

that blind thought…bro…??

Reply to @arnevb: Thanks a ton…for these words bro…

But do you think it’s unworthy…or it’s a over deliver work…??

that over delivering of service, great.

Reply to @dins_cool: because the reviews are left when the gig is completed. Then within weeks their sites serp will plummet and possibly banned from google!

Google is very, very strict now with the entire backlink ‘industry’. And it WILL catch up…bro.

it’s not necessary to point 10k backlinks to your main website, you can always spread those over a few URLs including your 2-tier backlinks

Backlinks are not the full answer to high ranking. The is no replacement for quality content that people want to talk about.

I have a site with over 150,000 backlinks Google PR4 still, no links paid for, none spam as far as I know. Yet the site was hit by a google update and now it’s next to worthless to me.

Backlinks are only really importent if you have none or very few. In fact quality outlinks can be just as importent if they fit the mix of your site.

Reply to @dins_cool:

The problem with Fiverr and backlinks is simple - and it has been highlighted by the fact you have raised your number to 10,000.

What initially started as a low numbered service, quickly increased to beat competition. Sellers have gone from offering 5 quality backlinks to 100, 1000, 2000, 5000, 10,000 etc - but where the number has increased, the quality has decreased. Saturation is at it’s best here, so is inflation.

The same thing has happened to Facebook likes, Twitter Followers, online reviews etc

10,000, to a newbie, sounds like a great deal - an absolute steal. Unfortunately, most people ordering these backlinks do not know about the penalities from Google - those who do, don’t order.

As the gig is marked as complete straight after backlinks have been added, newbies will leave a feedback, not knowing their site is about to be crippled.

You could offer this service, and you probably would receive a few sales, but you would be damaging website’s, your reputation and run numerous risks.

Reply to @arnevb: Will Giving 100 quality backlinks mark a good deal…??

Reply to @twistedweb123: 5 quality backlinks to 10000…

but now Offering 50 quality backlinks will be a good deal right…???

It’s better to buy 5 quality links than 10 000 links with low quality.

Always quality over quantity :slight_smile:

Reply to @dins_cool:

If you are doing the backlinking correctly, 50 quality backlinks is a steal - however, if you ARE doing them correctly, the time invested would not be a $5 return. If you are running programs, or automating the backlinks, no matter the amount, they will be poor.

I do quality links. :wink: