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How about expiration dates for gig extras?


A really cool feature would be to let gig extras expire. For example, I have a gig extra for Christmas. I can expire that on January 1.

I think this would be a good idea for sellers.



I’m not agreed with you Bruce. I think the normal way of extras is the best, without timing. My thinking. Zan


Reply to @maxteridon: Thanks Zan. Everyone’s entitled to their opinion.


I like that idea or something that you can easily toggle on and off for when you do need it. A Saved gig extras bank if you will.


Bruce I am not following you about the Extas, can’t you just go into edit gig and delete the extra on a day you would like instead of waiting for an automated system to delete it, I am just trying to follow your train of thought


Reply to @tn5rr2012: Hey Ashley, yes, you can always delete it manually, but what if you are so busy that you’d forget? This has happened to me in the past and I ended up selling extras I didn’t want to after a certain date and I know other sellers who also complained about that. Is it our fault? Yes, but it would definitely be a great idea to set it and forget about it.