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How about Fiverr working hours?

This suggestion may sound stupid/useless for some people. Please share your thoughts about this. TBH I still didn’t get my first order. Hope I will get it sooner Fingers crossed. Until that, I did some research about how Fiverr works and the community activities.

Fiverr is a worldwide virtual market place to meet buyers and sellers. A buyer in west side of the world can get their jobs by a talented seller from the other side of the world. This is where the time difference comes. I know most of us designers, developers, and other sellers are night owls. But sometimes when a seller goes to sleep and he get a message from a buyer, his responsive time can be decrease due to seller is sleeping at night. I’m not quite sure does responsiveness effect to seller’s overall rating But I think its somehow a negative impression towards the buyer. Specially if a buyer who needs extra fast work.

Isn’t it cool to introduce ‘Fiverr working hours’ so the sellers can make working hours as they wish. Imagine a shop owner close his shop and goes to sleep. But customers can leave messages at the door step. This is something like that.

Therefore, the sellers can have a good night sleep and be more productive next morning. Also Buyers will know this seller has gone to sleep so there won’t be any misunderstanding.

I think the system is just fine the way that it is. “Working hours”, as you suggest, will only complicate the system. Sleep when you need to sleep. Work when you need to work. If someone sends you a message while you’re sleeping, or places an order, just respond to it when you awaken.