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How about giving a new seller a chance?

How about giving me a chance?

Being a new seller is one of the most challenging time for any freelancer.

Buyers will not want to risk wasting $$ and precious time on a seller without any review.

They don’t want to be disappointed, no one does.

The truth is, most new sellers are a goldmine. Not all, but some definitely are.

For one, their services are definitely cheaper and secondly, the good ones will be more careful with your work as they will want their first review to be positive at all cost.

Check the ratings on most established freelancers here and you’ll see the good ones with 5 star first ratings, the bad ones even after having a couple of reviews die naturally, only the good ones will eventually survive.

So while on your search for a seller, give the new seller especially one with a good gig description and price a chance, the seller might be your best option.


I am agree with this :+1:t2:


wow nice speech… I agree with you


Or, hire an experienced seller who already has a reputation for great work, and the reviews to back up that reputation. New sellers are not always better than veteran sellers, and most rookie sellers on this site are not, in my experience, a “goldmine”. The best person for any job is the most qualified, and most experienced seller that fits a buyer’s needs. If that seller is a veteran, great. If the buyer wants to take a risk with a rookie, that’s their choice as well.

The best seller for any job, is the best seller who can complete that job. And, more often than not, it will be the established sellers who have a portfolio, plenty of great reviews, and a well-designed gig. Everyone starts somewhere, but the best, most determined sellers are not hard to find.


I agree with you @jonbaas but it may also be that a rookie seller is an experienced professional outside the online world and now seller wants to get into freelancing to also earn from here.


Totally agree with you @jenner4.
:v: :slightly_smiling_face:


It could be, but he also needs to prove his skills here on Fiverr. We all come from somewhere, and we all start at the bottom, but it is a reputation that makes the sale. No one deserves an order just because they are new. We all earn them by being great sellers.


I agree with you jobbaas,

That’s why I started with a question about Giving a new seller an opportunity.
but then all sellers were at one time new sellers without any review.
How about if no one ever gave them an opportunity?

Would you still refer to them as the best sellers?

Maybe not.

Someone took the risk and they were glad they did


Fiverr is not about charity, it is about earning your success. A new seller should not be expecting people to give them sales; they should be expecting to earn them, with a business mindset, a willingness to take the time to reach out to their target customers, and a desire to do whatever is necessary to stand out from the competition.

A “best seller”, by definition, is a seller who has completed a lot of orders, has a strong client base, and is making steady revenue doing what he/she does best.

New sellers are not “best sellers” until they begin to achieve the above – complete many orders, build a customer base, and earn a strong profit.

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Fiverr just like any other business requires you to market your own product, they won’t simply give you priority because you do not have enough orders. Imagine opening a shop inside a mall with a million other shop and you don’t put up a sign indicating you sell anything. Note that fiverr has never had a giveaway for reviews, So the people with reviews also started out without reviews advertised their gigs accordingly and got buyer… Do the same.


I don’t know why you’ll being very judgemental what she said up there, i don’t find anything wrong there whatever she said… she did say some negatives and some positives for both new sellers and reputed one’s.
All she meant was to giving a chance to new sellers, not mentioning without any hardwork, obviously you need to give your best to find out work for yourself, but opportunity is something everyone seek for, one who gives best and one who doesn’t.
If we all here respect and understand what someone’s trying to say, we will make a good world out here.

Every Reputed seller one’s was a new seller.
Wherever he/she is, is because of hard work and OPPORTUNITIES they got.

Cheers :slight_smile:

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I think so that @jonbaas became best seller without opportunities and he gained success alone without any buyer awarding him the project.
@jenner4 was so simply clear and was of the view to give chance to new sellers that’s it. which I totally agree, I don’t know why @jonbaas made it so difficult and went into so much complications.
Anyways cheers :v::slightly_smiling_face:


@engbilalse17 @jaimakhija Glad I could find some persons who could still read and understand a simple passage

@jonbaas, @franklegacy I’m not saying fiverr should grant opportunities to sellers because they are new on the platform.

That will only diminish its reputation. What I’m saying is giving opportunities to new sellers as a buyer.

@jonbaas I wasn’t talking about charity work here. If you can go down the memory lane, I’m sure there was a time you had no review on your profile until a buyer was willing to take the risk with you. Any seller here has such an experience.

Could you say your first buyer was then a charity case?

Of course not.

I’m merely appealing to buyers to try out new sellers and not coercing them into buying from new sellers


I agree 100%, I’m a new seller but because I need sales, I had to reduce my price to the minimum. I even agree to edit a 10 minute video for just 5 and I’m very good at what I do. Let buyers give us a chance because those top rated sellers were once newbies and people gave them the opportunity to prove themselves. Thanks everyone


Is this the @techcapon I’m familiar with on NLor you came up with the username?

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I am also new bro…


always open someone who dares to buy gigs to new sellers, we must remember that all at some time were “new sellers”. improve and achieve more buyers is the goal to achieve all objectives.


Ah, memory lane. Let’s see. What did I do when I had no reviews?

If I remember correctly, I created a gig after discovering Fiverr one day. Then I carried on my awful day job waiting tables in a Chinese restaurant so bad, they should have had an MSG overdose team on speed-dial.

A couple of weeks later, I got an order! I delivered to the very best of my ability, and a few days later, I got another order. I had made $8 in just two weeks!

Deciding that Fiverr might be worth investing more time in, I researched different niches, created a few more gigs, and would you know it, I started getting more orders! After a couple of months, I was making $200!

Deciding to experiment a bit more, I revamped my gig images, started offering a few higher value extras, and I even deleted some gigs which weren’t selling, before replacing them with different gigs to see how they worked.

Only a year later when I found the forum, did I realize how silly I had been with all this trial and error. After all, I could have just come here and said: "Please give me a chance! All of you top sellers were new once too. You know how hard it is. Please make it so Fiverr can give me a chance too."

Basically, no one demonstrates any initiative by begging for some kind of miracle to help them start making sales. Either knuckle down, think outside the box and prepare to experiment until you find a way of using Fiverr that works for you. - Or just put Fiverr down as something which is too hard for you to get the hang of.

Sorry to be blunt, but that’s simply the way it is for everyone.


Hi @jenner4, it’s your one and only TechCapon from nairaland, mention me on nairaland and I’ll prove myself


To be honest, I really don’t understand this thread.

Who is she blaming? Us?

What is she expecting? Us to bring her buyers? Us to buy from her?

Illogical reasoning takes nowhere… :roll_eyes:

If that were to be true, no one would ever have got his/her first sale and review.

By the way, you have just joined so, what do you expect? To be hired the very first day?

Bad news… Rome was not built on a daylong.