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How about giving a new seller a chance?

I agree with you. Experienced New seller are ignored by every buyer. Give them a chance.

I started at zero, just like everyone else. However, I did not come to the forum begging for other users to “give me a chance”. I took the actions that were necessary, on my own, to make my own success, and earn my own orders. I encourage other new sellers to do the same, because no one else is going to “give you a chance”. This is business. You need to take the actions to become successful yourself, instead of expecting other people to do all the work for you.

You do not deserve anything that you did not earn.

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You said the right thing

Well well well! It could be wroth sometime but mostly giving chance to new sellers is good I think! Because they are fresh on fiverr and and are comiited to get good reviews and that is only possible when they will give good output! And wasting of $$ is not worth on new sellers because they charge very less and you can test him in less price and get good output also.

So you’re saying that only new sellers truly care about helping buyers, and are the only people who are committed to getting good reviews?

I would suggest a more benevolent key to interpretation, John.
Avis expressed the same ideas in 1962.


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But did Avis run a successful marketing campaign? Or did someone just walk around airport arrival lounges asking for a penny for the out of work Avis guy? :thinking:

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the buyer actually gave you a chance as a new seller seeing you have no review on your profile.

the point is i’m not saying buyers should leave established sellers and buy from newbie on fiverr. that was not what i meant.

just as a buyer was willing to be the first to take the risk with you, the same way i’m asking other buyers to be willing to take risk with other new sellers on the platform. if all buyers will buy from already established sellers then where will the “establishment” come from?

while i believe marketing a new gig is quite crucial (and i do market my gig), most buyers will abandon a gig once they found out the seller has no rating. in such a case can the new seller do any other thing, seeing that he cannot coerce the buyer.

the reason for this post is not to beg for patronage, its an appeal to buyers to be willing to take risk with new sellers just as your first buyer was willing to risk it with you

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Agree with this. nice content!

you started at zero. no reviews, no ratings.

we all know that.

someone was willing to take the risk with you.

lets face it, when you receive your first order, there’s every chance you counted it as a luck. how about if all buyers saw and bounce off your page because there was no rating there?

what i’m trying to address is the notion of “no rating, no buying” most buyers approach the market place with. if no one is willing to buy a service because no one has rated it yet, don’t you see the unending vicious cycle?

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honey if you really don’t understand the thread, why the comment?:roll_eyes:


No, I a just specifically talking about newbies! she asked about new sellers and I told her that test newbies is not worth for just 5$ but if you have a good budget then why will you go to the new seller you will prefer an experienced person!

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Im also new in this thing, cant wait to see how it goes for me :wink:

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In new seller or talking as a buyers point of view?

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This is going seriously off topic and will get you all into trouble with the moderators!


ok i was flagged for whatever reason, whatever , people keep your heads up and i hope you all be successful in the future! :wink:

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Ok… I didn’t know I am sorry.


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Sorry! I got it now! I am new to fiverr form so Don’t mind it!