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How about mutually increase order duration and refund partial amount?

Hi, Fiverr community!

Wondering if fiverr can allow both buyer and seller to mutually increase order delivery time? As a seller sometime we’re experiencing, many buyer failed to sent order information on time, in that case increasing order delivery time would be great i think? What do you think?

Another thing, if there is an option to refund partial amount? suppose an order with $100… seller can partially refund as per work done or buyer request like $40, $50 etc?

'am just thinking these!! :slight_smile:

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I just complete my 1st order & get 5star review. But don’t know the way-how to show this in gig pic anyone can tell me?

good idea! I hope fiverr will do this soon!!

@niluspsalisa while delivering order you can upload JPEG/PNG Image(550px X 370px) of your work which you are going to deliver and then deliver your order, so you will get your work image with buyer’s review on gig photos after the completion of order and after getting buyer’s review.


No there is no other option. Sorry for late response.

Atiq @ I will agree to you on this point. Specially, partial payment is necessary for us as we may complete the work to some extent and some money may be refunded to the buyer.

Reply to @zd_creativity:

If by any means, I forgot or didn’t do that, than is there any other option for me to show that in the gig pic?

Reply to @nilupsalisa:

Thank you for asking, it was my query too.