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How about new idea to organize gigs?


fiverr has 15 gigs limit for sellers. I produce videos. I have to post 10 videos to show 10 different videos to sellers. This makes no sense.

I would like to post one gig, and simply add 10 videos under one gig to show my ten different videos. I know fiverr won’t like me linking my YouTube site in my gig. So why not let us upload ten videos under one gig? I have to show the buyers multiple videos to let them select which style of video they want.

This is a feature request. Thanks.


Reply to @kjblynx: Wow, thank you SO MUCH!!! I didn’t know this. I absolutely love the idea of linking my portfolio to YT link. On YT I can post 50+ videos and let the buyers come back to me with their choice to decide which type of video they want. Thank you for your tip there kjb. Cheers.