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How about "Paid Featured Gigs" on Fiverr?


Hi I just found a freelance marketplace where sellers can post about their services and make them “featured” on the site by paying a regular fees. I simply loved that idea because it gives sellers more chances to sell their products/services on the website and it also gives them flexibility to feature their posts whenever they want. If Fiverr introduce this type of option, then I think potential new sellers will easily reach out to buyers and the discrimination between old successful members and newcomers will be decreased. What do you think about it? I would love to hear about your opinion in this regard. Thanks in advance for sharing your thoughts!


No. Featured Gigs should take work to get there, it shouldn’t be based about who can afford to be there or not.


Well it is not about your working experience or money. It’s about the flexibility and an opportunity to let the world know about you. Fiverr is not allowing sellers to send buyer requests more than once per week. Then the only option they have is market their product on their own outside of Fiverr. I think every seller expects that Fiverr would not push them to look elsewhere on the web for their buyers. Their should be some helpful option for both buyers and sellers on Fiverr to reach out to each other.


And then when really poor quality gigs start getting featured as a result of this the reputation of Fiverr will be damaged.


Here’s the problem with paid positions in a nutshell.

It’s just not necessary. If you want to pay for placement, pay to drive traffic to your gig. Or for that matter, have your own ecommerce presence and control all the real estate.

It’s simply not necessary.


I wonder if someone can afford to control all the real estates in the world, why would he open an account on Fiverr in the first place!


bad idea


Yep looks like it’s really a bad idea. Thanks for helping me think about the matter from a different perspective!