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How About re-Opening Cancelled Orders?


I just want to suggest that fiverr should look into making it possible for cancelled orders to be reopened especially when there is a mutual agreement between buyer and seller for the order to be reopened.

I had a case like that, when my buyer cancelled because he was not really well-informed. But after chatting with him, he agreed to reopen the order but he didn’t know how to do that. So he asked me but I too didn’t know. I then contacted fiverr customer care only to be told that cancelled orders can’t be reopened again.

What am saying is if a buyer and/or seller cancels an order and later both of them agrees that the order should be reopened, fiverr should oblige and not stand in the way. Maybe a window/grace period during which cancelled orders can be reopened should be stipulated, but outright refusal to reopen cancelled orders is a-no-brainer.

I honestly think fiverr should look into this…fiverr still rocks though with fast customer response.

Just my 2 cents,



Why doesn’t your buyer just place another order for the same price?


He can place another order.


I had same issue. fiverr really needs to add that feature. my client n I both wanna open but no way.

Creating a new order still keeps the cancelled order with 1 star review which is bad for the sellers profile.