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How about star seller, high rating, recommended, new


i was searching out my gig with text “logo”.

i have nice enough rating.

but i found my self down in pg 2 as pg 1 in logo is full with the seller who have a thousand or more reviews.

now if a full page is filled with such sellers who will go to page 2?

i think there should be some diversion in high rating category… may be specially for logo.

which lead people to different categories’ sellers.

i request all the logo design providers o share their views on this.


Not a logo designer but I want to share my views.
Top rating sellers have gained their trust on Fiverr by working hard and gaining reviews. Hence, they deserve the high ranking on the search results.
Fiverr knows they are doing a good job and bringing in sales.
Some sellers might get too many orders and might not be able to deal with such circumstances. Putting a new seller on the high list might be risky. If the seller fails to deliver a big pile of order, it looks bad for Fiverr.
The seller needs to gain their way up there, that’s how I see it.

i appreciate your point of view.