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How about starting a rating system for buyers?

Just a thought but why not start a buyer’s rating system?
Could be based on their number of buys, the amount they have spent or a combination of the 2.
Also, perhaps give the seller the chance to rate the buyer on the manner they conducted themselves.
This would encourage buyers to show respect to the sellers knowing that the better their score the more ‘attractive’ they are to the seller.

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It’s not going to happen. Instead, if you get a bad buyer, imgur review the hell out of them and make it clear that they’re awful people and show prospective buyers that they’re wrong.

That’s if CS won’t get rid of their review. This is my best working solution for the current system.


Look at any other commercial site. Do they rate their buyers? Amazon, Ebay just to name a few popular ones.
I don’t even know why we have to rate them after they have rated us.

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You already get buyers rated a crown if they buy a certain number of gigs, 10 I think, without looking it up.

And also, you should do a search on this because there’s lots of posts where people have already brought this up and it’s already been discussed at length: Here are a few of these, but by no means all (linking because I want the badge :slight_smile:)

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