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How about the sales in these days

How about the sales in these days for animators ?

What about them?

Sales are the result of how well a seller markets themselves, and how well they appeal to their target customers. Success is by merit. If you are an animator, and you want more sales, improve your actions that appeal to your target customers.

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Why not enter a search of the marketplace to get insight on that? The only people who would have researched that are your competitors and they aren’t going to share their research with you because that would give you an advantage over them.

I’d say steer clear of offering video work on Fiverr. I’ve had 3 gigs which at sometime have all been my best selling. After months of sales, I’ve then received an email from Fiverr saying that they have moved my gig to a new category. As soon as that happens, sales die.

That said, there is a killing to be made if you sell from template videos from the likes of Powtoon, etc. To do that, though, you will need to invest in appropriate licences first, Alternatively, if you are an expert animator, apply to go Pro.