How accurate are the "views"?


I’ve asked loads of people to view my gig and many confirmed they have (over 30). When I check my views it seems to have jumped up only a couple. If this info is used by fiverr to see if your promoting or even to help you get featured then i’m worried my views are not being counted. Any thoughts anyone?



Maybe your views are only unique visits, so if I visit it 5 times, it only counts as one. If that is the case, then Fiverr should have both total views and unique views, like Google Analytics.



I get that, I know of a minimum of 20 people that viewed who are ‘unique’ in terms of who they are and where they live. Just seems to not count them all :frowning: thanks for the comment :slight_smile:


Yeah, I’ve found that fiverr’s “views” are not completely accurate. I have promoted my gigs in many places and my view count should be at least 10,000 views higher than it is but I don’t complain because somehow the orders keep coming in even when the view count doesn’t change much.


It’s pretty accurate for me, everytime I view my gig, the view count increases.


Not nearly as useful as I wish they were :slight_smile:


Reply to @princemaxx: viewing your own gig should not increase your views…


Reply to @mb2pro: Apparently, they are increasing for me.


Reply to @princemaxx: can you test mine :slight_smile: (Showing “Viewed 103 times”).


Reply to @mb2pro: Check now?


Reply to @princemaxx: I think it worked, I take it all back, fiverr are great, what do I know… :slight_smile:


Reply to @mb2pro: No problem! Cheers


No time to check how accurate they are, but you can always use google’s url shortener which also includes tracking the views.


Ah, good tip!!


Reply to @magisworks: I like to do this for posting my link somewhere. I might post the link in multiple sites but create a google shortened url for each different place. That way at a glace I can say “facebook” brought be this many…seems to be a good trick at least.


I think they take a few hours to update… kinda like youtube