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How active a new gig?


Hi dear peoples a few days ago i create a new gig plz tell me how to active my new gig


If you creat your gig then publish it. This way you can active your gigs.


Were i puclish my gig dear


And how many time are required for active my gig


Only 1 time just go to your gig select on the edit option then click on galery then click on publish. that’s it.


If you want to upgreat your gig activity then share your gig in everyway you can.


Plz sir giveme some links and group were i share my gig thanks


you can share your gig in every social sites. You can also share on groups where similer peoples gather. Search your sutible groups where actual people comes everyday.


sir i have complete my gig and publish it successfully but when i go for buyer request there show active your gig then it will show you