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How actually Fiverr works?


I’m newbie.
Can anyone tell me more about fiverr?


Fiverr is like a marketplace where people buy and sell services but with rules. If you have anything you know how to do and make money with, then Fiverr is for you. Designing, writing, and so on.
If you are a seller, you set up a gig that shows what you can do and other people, called the buyers pay you for it.
For example, I am writer and people pay me to write stories and fiction for them. If I do a wonderful job that they like, they give me wonderful reviews.
If you want more information, read the About Us page of Fiverr.


We are providing Mobile application development services. So, fiverr for me? or not?


Fiverr is for you. You can offer your service here




Thank you, @samperfect


So have you seen how you can work on Fiverr?


Yes, but still facing problem?


In simple & short
you can sell or buy any digital
to sell service you can create gig of each of that services,


What is the problem you are facing?


It connects talented people with those who are looking for talented people. Kind of makes sense.


Got it.
Thank you so much.


Do you still have any other problem?


Not Now.
But if I face any query I will tell you.
Once again thank you so much.


You are welcome. :hugs::hugs::hugs: